It’s all about your name…

Possibly this is where I should introduce myself, after all, it is my second blog. First, just so you know, I am changing our names to protect the privacy of our children and family. With that said, you can call me Sandy and my husband, Steve. Those aren’t fictitious names, those are real.  On my “About” page, I told you I was a wife. That’s right, married twenty-four years. When Steve and I married he had two children, a boy and a girl, who we’ll just call A & B. They were with us for several years but eventually went to live with their mother. You won’t hear a lot about them because we’ve been estranged ever since. However, there was a time and there are some stories that just wouldn’t be the same without them. At that time I had four girls.The youngest two lived with me, the seventeen year old with her father, and the oldest was on her own and living on the Eastern side of the state. Oldest to youngest we’ll name them Dora, Darcy Debbie and Emmy Lou. We claim our oldest daughters best friend as ours too so she will be known as Lillibelle. It wasn’t long until Darcy came to live with us and announced that she was about to bring into this world a little gift from heaven, whom from here on we’ll refer to as Pumpkin. We raised her, she calls us mom and dad and we consider her ours.  That was all the children back then. That was 1990. Later in our life we were blessed with grand children. Three boys John 7, Jeorge 6 and Joe 5 all belonging to Emmy Lou and her husband Jazz and a grand-daughter, Matilda (Tillie) 8 years, belonging to Dora That’s the immediate family and so much of what my life is about. Are you bored yet?  Would be writers, FYI, laying the ground work is an important part of telling a story. You wouldn’t care to suddenly come to a statement about Emmy Lou and have no idea who you are reading about now would you? So please bear with me while I get all the technical hoopla out of the way. Back to the names. Any one else will be gifted a name as they come into play in my stories. I’m sure all the girls would be rolling their eyes if they knew what names I had gifted them with. They, of course, wouldn’t really want me writing anything about them but they would be arguing about the names just the same.

The four girls have been assigned names (which they did themselves) in the past. Way past, about thirty-five years past. Let me see if I can get this straight. Dora was Somebody, Darcy was Anybody, Debbie became Nobody and Emmy Lou was Everybody. So when I would call from the downstairs to the upstairs for some help saying something like, “Somebody come help me a minute please,” the game would start. Dora who was Somebody, would say to the others she wasn’t going to help. When I didn’t get the help I called for, I’d call again, “Is Anybody coming?”  Darcy who had acquired the name Anybody,  would shake her head and say, “I’m not going either.” My next call, which was starting to sound a bit stern, came out, “Is Nobody coming to help me?” To the girls this meant Debbie who would laugh and say, “Nope, not me.”  By this time I was getting annoyed and I would shout out, “Okay, Everybody get down here. I called for help and I want you now.” All the older girls turned to Emmy Lou. Yes, “you’ve e got the picture now don’t you? They would look at her and say, “That’s you. Go help Mom.” Everybody didn’t think this was fair but was too little two argue with the others other than to say, “I always have to go. You guys don’t ever do anything.”  I asked Emmy one day why she was always the one to come help me and she told me, “It’s my job.” She was too little to understand the trick they were playing on her.

They all have had plenty of laughs about it over the years but still, when we all get together, I undoubtedly will blurt out, ” Will somebody please take care of…..?” and they will all look at Emmy and laugh. She will often just step up, take over, and mumble something like, “Oh Crap, why me?”


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