This is a poem I wrote in July 2012 about a chicken that adopted us as her family. This is also an experiment to see how this will post from my Windows site to WordPress. I’m not sure this will be readable as it looks quite small. My attempt is so as not to have to rewrite the whole thing again. We’ll see. Anyway, getting on with it, Chickie took right to life at our house with all the other animals and especially to our dog, a Rottweiler, Blossom, who weighed in at one hundred and thirty pounds. This little Rhode Island Red Hen, choose to sleep with the dog every night and the dog allowed her to do so. Read on, if this comes out. If it doesn’t I guess I will stop being lazy and rewrite. Note the picture of Blossom and Chickie on Blossom’s couch out on our back deck.

This is a poem I wrote in July 2012 about a Chicken that adopted us.Image (240)

Well, it’s not the best, but at least it worked. Hopefully you have read it okay and hopefully you enjoyed it. We love our animals and they have brought us a great deal of enjoyment. I only hope that through my writing I can bring a bit of that enjoyment to you.


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