We Buried a Piece of Our Heart’s today

Many of you, who read my posts, know that I am a very avid animal lover and have a passel of dogs of my own. My husband and I have also done Fostering for two rescue organizations for a number of years now. We’ve been,  in the past, 4-H leaders teaching children from the ages of six years to 19 years, how to train their dogs, dog care and feeding and anything else we could figure out about dogs. I have had many dogs in the past and will probably have several more in the years to come. Each time I loose one it’s always the same. My heart just breaks and I cry for days upon days.It’s part of being a dog owner and lover. There is a price to pay but before you do the years you spend with an animal can be the most rewarding of your life. I believe my dogs have helped make me who I am today. I have loved each one and each of them have given me something different in my life. I have written several poems  and short stories about my dogs (and other pets). This is the one I wrote today. Very sadly, I am in mourning at this time.We have sent another one of our loves across that Rainbow Bridge to Dog Heaven. My heart is heavy with sorrow, and as I write, I cry. Tears of pain, tears of sorrow, tears of “Love”. In this life, we were blessed to have a tiny little three pound Chihuahua.She was the cutest thing ever. This is her story, or rather, a shortened version of it.

We Buried a Piece of Our Hearts Today

 We buried a piece of our hearts today in a small pine wood box

one that my husband, Steve, had made while I was painting a cross

Our souls were aching with pain to think what we had placed inside

Yes, we buried a piece of our hearts today and as we did we cried.

She was no bigger than a Pinch and that  became her name

the day we brought her home to love and nothing was ever the same.

Her life had been a horror, she was a product of puppy mill life

Until the rescue people came and brought the situation to light.

We had helped with bringing supplies to take care of the rescued dogs

finding homes for all of them was greatly against the odds.

So the day they called us asking if we would foster some pups

we didn’t hesitate a minute, we jumped back in the truck.

We headed for Mt Vernon thinking fostering would be great

but when we laid eyes upon her, it more than sealed our fate.

They wanted us to foster, but we said, “That’s not enough.”

So we opted to adopt her  and said, “And we wanted another pup.”

That’s when they brought her to us, another itty, bitty soul

Again we fell in love and home with us they both would go.

On the way they became Pinch and Pebbles because they weren’t big as anything,

watching them play  through all the days always made my heart just sing.

I loved to watch them tussle and hold them in my lap

I guess I spent many a day doing nothing but just that

Sadly though, the day now had come for us to let one of them go

It was breaking our hearts I’m sure you already know

Pinch was very sick and getting worse in every  way

She couldn’t even lift her head, this would be her last day..

I kissed her head and held her as she took her very last breath

the hardest part of having a pet is seeing them to their death

So the box had been gotten ready, we had tucked her safe inside

Yes, we buried a piece of our hearts today, and as we did we cried.

Sandra Lea Rogers

April 20, 2015

048 2011-10-07 018  007   005

Pinch                  Pebbles and Pinch              Pinch in her jammies            Pebbles


                                                      We buried a piece of our heart today

                                                                 Rest in Peace, Little Pinch


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