The Difference a Word Can Make

Over the last several years I’ve had many upsets in my life and what I would normally be saying about these are, “I lost my mother, or I lost my dad.” You get the idea. Well, last Sunday I went to visit my Aunt Mary who is in a care facility at this time. She had been not doing well at all. During the time we were there we were invited to join in with a lady named, Sheila. She was there to lead the group (residents) in hymns. My Aunt Mary was doing much better  that day, so she, my cousin, Steve and myself, all went to the dining room.  We had a great time singing and that was all good, however, we got a bonus that day.  At one point during the singing  Sheila  began telling a few little stories. This is the part I was working up to. She started out with, “back in 2013,”   I’m not sure of what date or day or time she said but that isn’t the important part to us,  Sheila continued, “I lost my mother.”…but then, quickly, changed her wording. “Or rather, I sent my Mother to heaven to be with God.” She went on, “I didn’t loose anything, I found God. I can rejoice in the fact that my mother is with God in heaven and has left so many wonderful memories to safice me through her passing. Mom is at peace now and I am filled with comfort and understanding.”  I had never heard anyone put the passing of a loved one in this text before but what a wonderful way to think of it. We are not loosing our loved ones, we know where they are going, We know how to connect with them through God. What comfort this phrase has brought me. And at this time, it meant so much to hear it. If you read my posts, you know I have just given my darling little Chihuahua Dog, Pinch, to God. Recently, I was also called to accept the passing of a dear, dear lady that has watched over me all my life, just like a mom. It was so difficult just because I loved her so but also because my mother only went to be with God a short time ago. But this thought, “That I have given them up to God,” instead of saying, “I’ve lost them,” brings a totally different feeling to mind. “Loosing,” just naturally means grief, where as “Giving” brings a feeling of comfort. I don’t know about you, but I am never going to loose anyone or anything again. Grief for their passing is hard enough without adding that “Loss” word to it. I don’t know if this will help any of you through this process. I don’t know if you can change a lifetime of thinking with just one little phrase. But, if it does help you, if you can re-think this one, I guarantee you will look at the passing of your next loved one in a different light. I know you will see them in Gods light and you will be at peace, for you will have given your most precious of all gifts  to God himself. In closing, I just want to add, go out there, have a wonderful day, rejoice in the gifts the Lord has given you and God Bless you all.


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