A Lesson in Patience

Have you ever put a new screw in your glasses? First, with one hand, you have to hold the glasses steady while (with the same hand) pinching that teeny, tiny screw in a pair of needle nose pliers because it’s too tiny to hold any other way. You place the screw into the screw hole, then, with that teeny, tiny screw driver proceed to screw.

First scenario; that little screw tips every which way and falls back out of the hole at least a dozen times because you can’t grip the pliers and the glasses at the same time.

Second scenery; You now have the glasses still, the pliers tight in hand and clinching the screw TIGHT. The screw pops out of the pliers, flies through the air and lands somewhere on the kitchen floor, which of course, you haven’t swept today. So down on your hands and knees you go, crawling around on the dirty floor, looking for that TEENY, TINY screw. Ok, you found it. Back to square one.

Third scene; You have the screw in the pliers, holding the glasses, lined up and ready to screw in…again. Suddenly you realize…this screw is TOO BIG. That’s why it won’t go in.

Fourth scene; Finding a smaller screw, you start from the beginning. You have everything in place when your husband opens the back door and your eighty-five pound dog comes running in, bumps your leg, wiggles all around you in exuberant happiness to see you, you drop everything.

Scene five;  It’s thirty minutes later, the dog is back outside, your husband is back outside, you hold your breath and try one more time. Finally, success, you did it. Ahhh, but wait. In all the confusion, you got the arm of the glasses….UPSIDE DOWN!    CRAP!


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