This morning I don’t have a story or a poem to share. Not that I couldn’t pull one from my book but that’s kind of cheating. I am hoping to come up with more original stuff each day, not rely on what I’ve already done, but to have something fresh and new for you. I’ve had a tough time with material though. I’m still very much saddened by the death of someone very special to me and I’m still grieving my little dog who I also just sent off to be with God. When you are feeling grief, it’s extremely hard to put on that smiling face and move on. However, I think I’ve done well. It is, of course something one must do. I think of the memories I’ve shared with each one. I think of the good times. How do you get through it? I’m not sure, even though I’ve had to do it several times in the last few years, I can’t tell you exactly what I did. Just hang on, I guess. So today, I’m going to finish clipping Rosie, our eldest dog, and get she and Pebbles bathed again. Roxy will be tomorrow. Roxie needs a day all her own as she does not like baths. She doesn’t even have to be clipped, well, except just a tiny bit. Anyway, as I was saying, I’m going to do the dogs and then head for outside. It looks like it will be a gorgeous day which is a big help. I find when the sun shines I have a lot better attitude and a lot more energy. With two big dogs out back that yard is just a disaster. Steve is in the process of leveling it out with the tractor. So there won’t be any new plants or landscaping out there this year. It’s moving fences and laying out a plan of action for the back. This morning for the front we will be digging out around the perimeter of the house so that we can replace the foundation wall. What’s up is kind of like a backer board material and it has become very brittle and breaks at the slightest  touch. We also have moles. The moles have tunneled in the flower beds surrounding the front. So yesterday when I stepped in the bed to pull some weeds, I sank right down in the dirt, slid into the foundation wall breaking it and then continued to slide partially under the house. Nothing else can be done at this point except just get it fixed. We did the other half of the front on the other side of the patio last year. Looks like if we just hang in there, we can have the whole thing done in about three years. (you’re supposed to laugh here!)  I’ll be painting foundation wall as Steve digs out the area. Does anyone remember that song that Johnny Cash did, about his car, “One piece at a Time?” Well….that’s the story of our house. It’ll get fixed…one piece at a time and with what ever we can find to fix it. Conjures up all kinds of images, doesn’t it? With that thought, I’m going to leave you to your plans for the day. I hope they are full of fun and excitement, productiveness and energy and that you all have an absolutely wonderful day.



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