“Life Begins at the End of Your Comfort Zone”

I’ve been sitting here trying to figure out how to make my blog pages more interesting. I’ve added some pictures and a few other things to try to give you something more to look at. Some of those pics may end up in a post  or two down the road but it’s not happenin’ yet. Some of them have stories. Others are just things that I like. All of them are about my life. But back to my first statement, I’d love to hear any suggestions that any one would have about setting up my blog pages. Some of my problem is not knowing how to use the various tools. I’ve looked at everything available that I know of but a lot of it doesn’t end up looking the way I wanted it too. So I’ve done a lot of moving, and shifting of stuff, trying to figure out how to put it and where to put it. I do like how my blogs are listed so I don’t want to change that. But if anyone has any suggestions I’d sure appreciate them.

I also would really love hearing some comments. Good or bad folks, say it like it is. My last blog was about “Getting those mammograms done and the possible effects of not doing so.” I’d really like to know if anyone read it and if so did it inspire you? Did it make you think about yourself or maybe a loved one?  Do you think it could change someone’s attitude about their approach to medical issues? I know it was a bit long and it told a lot of back ground, but all this was to show that even with a busy lifestyle you must take the time. Even with major issues clouding your mind, you must care for yourself.  Do you as a reader think I made my point?

Another blog was about nightmares. This was not just to expose what this person had been through all their life but also to all of you out there that might think, “Little children don’t remember.” or “He’s too young to know what happened.”  It’s to say, that’s not true. This story illustrates  that not only does a young child remember things that happen at a very young age but also how it can affect their whole life. To all those that work with children of abuse and neglect, don’t think they won’t remember. To anyone who thinks, okay, so you slapped your baby and screamed bloody murder at him today, but he won’t remember it next week….think again. What stays with a child through out their life is something none of us know but, even from the earliest age, they can remember. So if you didn’t read this one, how about going back and giving it a try. Then let me know how it affected you. I would love to know.

Now that I’ve brought up both of those blogs, I’d like to add that some of my writing is strictly for enjoyment. I hope you, as my readers, are getting that out of them.

I’ve just sorta put myself out there and opened myself up to major criticism from all of you so, please, let me have it. I can take it. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you already know I can handle a lot. I’m here not only to express my views, my visions, my stories, and share my poems and such with you but also to learn. That’s what it’s all about is learning to express ones self more eloquently, more appropriately, more clearly, and achieve greater depth in one’s writing skills to present a piece of work that inspires, enlightens, brings forth emotions, and gives the reader a reason for having read it.

One of the keys to writing is having a good title so that’s what is left for me to do here. I’ve got to think of a good title for this blog and wow, just like that, it is handed to me.  I guess though, if you are this far into it, I must have achieved that goal.

I hope you all have a happy and productive writing experience today and that the words come easily. It’s always a good day to reach a little further, go where you’ve never gone before,  broaden your horizon’s and, in the process, maybe you will encourage someone else to do the same. Here, I’m going to repeat my title, explaining that I only just now, as I was writing this, got this line from an ad on TV just when I needed it and it seemed so appropriate to my needs.

“LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE.” and by exposing myself to you this way, asking for your comments, I certainly have reached out of mine.

Thank you in advance for your opinions.


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