Just Another Day in the Life of An Addict

Hello out there!

I am hoping this finds everyone feeling fine and doing great. I’m still reading and making my list for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” Should have it ready to put out real soon, maybe tomorrow.

We’ve been quite busy around here for the last several days. Many of you know that my husband, Steve, had open-heart surgery the end of January and has been on a limited physical exertion program, ie: no lifting, since that time. Things are getting better and he’s feeling the need to do things. So we are back to the kitchen remodel and he’s cleaning out in his garage. I think out there we are putting up some sheet rock and cabinets today.

Inside, I’m finishing up painting and antiquing one set of cabinets. There are still lots more to go but it’s one step at a time and in our case it has been baby steps. This remodel has been on a $0.00 budget. Luckily, we have been picking up stuff for a long time and storing it in the garage, or the guest room closet, or the computer room, or…yes, you see, don’t you? We’ve been storing wherever we could find a place. I think we’ve used all the trim pieces to re-do cabinet doors though so we are going to need to pick up some more. I also think we have concurred on yet one more plan change idea, so we’ll be looking for another bank of lower cabinets. We’ve done very well with rounding up more cabinets. We found some listed for free on the web and Steve is just re-making the doors by routing the edges and adding trim. It’s all looking good. Next we need to see if we can find a window. It’s going to an odd size and I’m looking for a garden window so the hunt will probably be fun.We do know of a place at Black Diamond, WA that does used windows. We got some there for our previous home and the prices were so reasonable. But that’s been more than ten years so I hope they are still in business. I’ll start looking around here. just in case.

There is a lively song on the CD player at the moment and I’m having a hard time typing for having to keep the beat. Anyone else do that? We love music and have some going most of the time. As a matter of fact, we do a little Jam Session here at our house, usually twice a month on Saturday evenings. Nothing big, but it’s fun. Now and again, it turns into a pot-luck.  Ah, but I was writing about our kitchen so I’ll tell you about jamming another time.

When the cabinets are done, we’ll start buying counter top. The piece for the island will be a major investment as it is a special order for just the right length and it has the shaped edges down both sides. We haven’t purchased the prep sink yet but I have one in mind.  Our appliances are black and it was tough finding a black prep sink of the same type of material as the kitchen sink.

Floors will be our last order of business but that’s going to wait until we can do all three areas, living, kitchen and family rooms, at once. Those also include two foyers so quite a bit of floor space. I’ve so had it with carpets. Seems to me that wood floors are the only way to go. Probably will keep carpet in the master, but nowhere else.

That won’t be the end of our remodel though, just that portion of it. I think we are remodel addicts. We have porches planned and a garden shed/art studio out back, a small garden shed/ sitting area for me out front, a workshop for Steve and that’s just our house. We have several things planed for our guest house next door. That house was put on the property for mom and dad but they are both gone now. Our youngest daughter is living there at the moment but I have a feeling it’s not for too much longer. Her life is forever changing and I feel a change coming. But, that just means I can do what I want on the house, when I want. It good to have plans, right. Keeps us moving.

One of these days we are going to plan a few days off in all this mix. That would be nice. I am longing for some beach time and camping. One day, I’ll have to blog about our “Life as a Gypsy” period in our lives. It was a time of fun, relaxation, excitement and desperation. Another story though so I’ll leave you today with, I hope you are enjoying the kitchen remodel as much as I am. Keep reading there will be more on this subject, I’m sure. You all have a wonderful day and ….”BLOG ON”


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