Morning Blessings

The sun shines brightly overhead

the clouds drift in silent slumber

the sun bids me good morning through my window

as my blankets I crawl from under

I stretch and shake my body out

put my feet upon the floor

grab my robe and slippers

as I head for the bedroom door.

I find myself in the kitchen

pouring coffee from the pot

as I ponder laughingly in my head

will this morning be a little or a lot

The miracles of the morning

are near and all about

delicious coffee in my hands

a lovely window to look out

As Gods creations come into view

my heart  flitters with delight

to see the squirrels dancing above in the trees

then scampering out of sight

Daffodil bulbs are just barely

poking up their little heads

cherry trees are starting to bud

no longer looking as though they are dead

Robins do their best

to find some tasty worms

seeming to enjoy the chase

as along the ground worms squirm

A deer walks into the meadow below015

and then to my surprise

two little fawns following her

what a sight before my eyes

There’s a soft breeze blowing

unlike the winds that took the night

it gently sways the trees and shrubs

not looking for a fight

In the night the wind

tore with every gust

throwing branches every where

giving each an effortless thrust.

But this morning the calm has com e

I’m really pleased to say

it’s a blessing to wake up

to such a glorious day


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