Who Would We Have Been

A very young woman full of life

a spirited soul that knew no strife

Her life ended when she was so young And my life had just barely begun In memory of Wynona

In memory of my first mom, Wynona Her life ended when she was so young
And my life had just barely begun

her life wrapped around two little kids

they were first no matter what else she did

A husband who loved her very dear

no one knew the end was drawing near

too soon she was taken too soon she was gone

the way her life ended was terribly wrong

A horrible man came into her home one frightful day

took her life and then took his the same way

her life ended in an instant and all that was left

was two little children and a husband that wept.

I was the smallest of the two kids

to young to know what that man did

but I often think of my brother with fear

knowing he saw it and the shots he did hear.

Such wrong was done on that horrible day

often times I have wondered many times I have thought

what would have happened if that day had not.

Would we all have had a wonderful life

Dad, Wynona, Jerry,  and I.

Would I be anything like her what color was her hair

did we have any talents that we both could share

Did she like sad movies or going to the beach

did she have goals she was trying to reach.

I’ve dreamed of being an artist some day

did my desires come from her was she gifted that way

Would we have gone shopping just for fun

would we share secrets when baking cookies was done

Would she have liked spending time with me

I’ve wondered what kind of person would she be

Her life ended when she was so young

and my life had barely just begun

All these things and so much more

answers I’ve been longing for

I’ll never know because on that horrible day

that evil man took my mother away.


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