A Fact of Life

This writing adventure that I’m on, and having a great time by the way, is, as I have said before, a learning exercise for me. Try to learn something new every day has been my outlook for quite a while now and I must say that I learned something new with my last post “Who Would We Have Been,” here on word press. For me, this poem explained some of the questions one might have after a tragic event. It also represents the fact that our memories can go back much further than anyone could guess. But mostly it was a tribute to someone I wish I had been able to know. Of course, that would have changed my whole life, and who knows what the other life would have offered me. I’m perfectly satisfied with the life I had, my family, and the many other people and events that made that journey with me. However, that does not take away from the fact, that anytime there is a tragic event in one’s life, there will unanswered questions. So what did I learn from this last post? It seems as though my readers either didn’t read this one, or didn’t like this one, or, they are uneasy with the subject of “Death.”  It is completely understandable for anyone to be uneasy with the subject. Adding to the fact that death in itself is hard to deal with, the nature of this death was horrendous.  It was in all the newspapers at the time, from the west coast to the east. People read about it for days. However, I think maybe hearing about it from an involved party might just be enough to make it unbearable. So to you who are still reading this post, now, I apologize. I have used poetry numerous times to describe this day in my life, partly to help me understand it and the thoughts I have about it better, and partly to disclose the facts of what a person may be feeling when dealing with such a tragic event. Death, is a fact of life. We are all going to have to face it at some point. I, myself, have had to face too much of it the last couple of years so I guess it is one of those things that weighs heavily on my mind these days. I’m in that age group that is starting to see many of my peers and even friends leaving this world to partake in what is yet one more unknown adventure. I’m trying to cope, and at this moment, doing a fairly decent job of it and I admit that writing some of my feelings has lessened the stress I feel with each passing of someone so important to me. Perhaps, I should not share my thoughts and feelings on this matter here in my blog if it is so difficult for my readers. But, isn’t that what the blog is about? Sharing thoughts and ideas, inspiration, well-being, poetry, and stories? Maybe even helping someone else understand that what they are feeling and thinking at such a time is completely normal and to be expected.  So it may be, but death is one subject that seems to be too difficult for publication.


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