The Longest Month

It was going to be an exciting weekend. I had plans all made and could hardly contain my excitement. I was working at getting the house and the yard cleaned up so we would be ready. Friday night dinner planned, Saturday night dinner planned and all the groceries bought and put away. I had figured out all the things we would be doing and had a pretty good schedule going. It didn’t come as a surprise to me that there would be changes at the last-minute. There always is, isn’t there? Not bad changes just enough to throw me off kilter. One more person was arriving that’s all. Oh, but not until Saturday and no, not for dinner as they had other plans for dinner but would be back later, so not to worry. But worry I did as I needed to make sure that guest room was ready too. I got behind in my cleaning but figured as long as the kitchen and bathrooms were clean and all the dog beds out of the house ( doggie odors, you know) everything would be all right. John and Linda were coming for dinner on Saturday and we were having our usual Saturday night jam session afterwards, which we never know who will show up and when. Sometimes it’s just the four of us and we are usually very productive on those nights. I had BBQ ribs and baked beans planned for dinner and Linda was bringing corn on the cob and desert. The weather was perfect and would be the whole weekend. The majority of my excitement though was all about Friday. Friday we would go to pick up, “Our guest of Honor.” It would take several hours to get there and back but I knew once in the car headed home there would be singing and fun all the way. Sixties music is his favorite. Some Roy Orbison with Pretty Woman, Hound Dog by Elvis, Splish Splash, Run Around Sue, and of course some Jerry Lee Lewis favorites. His very most favorite is  “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by the Tokens. All these and more were on board waiting for him.  Once home we would be making Homemade Pizza from scratch and afterwards enjoying s’mores around the fire outside. Saturday morning would be a class in woodworking for him and Steve and since it was hitting eighty on the thermometer outside, a pool party was in order before dinner and jam session. Sunday had it’s activities lined up too to do before departure time. Yes, except for getting one room cleaned which meant I had to put him in the garden guest room, which is a more feminine room, I was ready. Off we went to get him. ”

We need to be there before five,” I told Steve.

“Plenty of time,” he replied. “We’ll be there.”

Traffic stopped before we even got off the Peninsula. It looked like about a three-mile back up. We moved at a snails pace for the next thirty-five minutes. Finely we were on the main highway and traffic had cleared. Just as I sent a text message saying we had been delayed but were in the clear now, we rounded a curve and came to a dead stop. Something was going on  up at the on ramp to the freeway. We were still miles away but could see how far the stall was ahead. We had also just passed the last exit to get off, which would have enabled us to take a different route. So again we sat. Must have been an hour.

“We’re going to be late.”

“Can’t be helped,” Steve replied. “I wasn’t expecting this much traffic this early in the day. It is Friday though and the weather is good. I guess everyone is trying to take advantage of it and getting off work early.”

Moving again, still slowly, but moving and now we could see. Only one lane of traffic entering the freeway and six leading up to it. Oh brother. As soon as we got on the freeway, we started seeing detour signs.

“You don’t suppose, do you?” I moaned.

“Yep, I do. It’s our exit. We still have a little time.” He said the words but didn’t sound too convincing.

Detour, more detours, and yet again another detour. “Where in the heck are they taking us?” Steve was kind of mumbling to himself and looking very frustrated.

At last, back on a main road, five o’clock, and only ten minutes away. I placed the call. “Ten minutes, we’ll be there in ten.”

As we turned the last corner, we could see him, standing in the driveway watching for us. His arms started waving wildly, a gigantic, mile wide grin spanned his handsome, little face exposing the whitest of grills ever seen and the gleam in his eyes would have brightened even the darkest of nights, despite the fact that they are the brownest of  brown ever known to mankind.  Steve parked and as I got out of the car he came running, throwing his thin but strong, brown arms around my neck as I bent to greet him, and exclaimed with the excitement matching that of a hyena in a laughing contest, as much as any seven year old could muster up, “Grammie, I thought you would never get here!” I hung on as tightly as I could as I knew this would only last a moment and then he would be off to Grampa. We hadn’t seen him in a month. I believe it was the longest month of my life.

My favorite little man!

My favorite little man!


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