Finding Your Inspiration

Today I want to say “Thank you.”  Thank you to all those who have “liked” my posts and thank you to those who are following me. I have tried to get out individual thank you’s to all of you but know I have failed miserably. The likes and comments are so important to have, keeping one more in touch with how their writing is being perceived. Each time I open my page and see that there is someone out their that enjoyed reading my musings I get a flutter in my heart and feel encouragement to continue.  I have a number of poems written already that I would love to post but it seems they are just simply too long. So I will keep my notebook handy and try to find new material along my pathway through life. I also want to encourage all of you to keep trying. Even if you never publish a poem, or write a book, you all can take pride that you have followed through and are working at something you enjoy.  Too many people just drag through their day, considering it all just drudgery. I can look forward to my writing sessions as time for me. Time to bring my thoughts together and time to reflect.  It is extremely important for everyone to work in that “ME” time away from your spouse, away from the kids and the mundane daily chores. I find myself wanting to explore more of my world now, simply to discover. Discover more of what is happening around me, introducing me to an abundance of  material  to write about. Also to become acquainted with other people outside my main circle of friends and familiarize myself with other lifestyles which will eventually give me the ability to develop diverse characters in my writing. I must not forget either that I have changed my want list just a bit too. While diving into the variety of stores and shoppes, that I frequent to look for extravagant finds for  manipulating and re-purposing, I am also looking for any information about the art of writing that I can find. Just the other day I picked up a book entitled, “How to Increase Your Word Power” published by Readers Digest which includes information on grammar and punctuation, spelling, and how to make words work for you. It also contains word games and quizzes to help you along. It’s sub-title is, “A Practical Family Guide to Better English.”  This book, even though I’m just into the first few pages, looks to be quite informative. Another one that I purchased a while back is Simon and Schuster’s “Handbook for Writers” accompanied by a workbook containing rough drafts.  These are the first books I’ve collected that address the writing experience in itself. As for books in general, I have a library. Books on remodeling, building, woodworking, decorating, horses, all farm animals, antiques, several dozen on painting and art, at least ten gardening /landscaping books and more on just about any subject one could think of. There are art books, self-help books, and sewing books, Not just sewing but crochet, quilts, dolls, dog clothes, All these and many more grace the shelves of our bookcases and beckon us to read, to learn, to devour knowledge into our souls to share and teach others about. A man (or woman) without a library is a lonely man. At any given moment, I can travel to worlds far away, learn a new language, plot out new garden spot or build myself a new house just by picking up a book. Oh yes, you will say, “But we have our computers.” That’s all fine and dandy but a computer simply cannot bring to you the warmth you can feel when curled up in a chair by the fire with a cup of coffee, taking time to pause in your reading and actually close your eyes and envelope your self into whatever experience you may be reading about. Computers, at least to me, although a luxury I don’t believe I could do without these days, seems  cold and sterile and uninviting , very useful for looking up information, paying bills, and getting a job done quickly, where as, a book just seems to bring comfort and the invitation to sit and stay awhile. There is also nothing like the actual act of experiencing. Today as we headed out to do necessary chores Steve surprised me, turning off on a side road, then swinging into a small local park we had never been to.We found there a rather delightful area to which we could bring the whole family, including dogs. Huge evergreen Douglas Fir and Hemlock trees reached high overhead, and a small creek flowed through the west side next to a half dozen picnic sites, It was a hot day and the shade offered by the trees was most welcome. We walked down several trails bordered by ferns, tiny blue wildflowers,and Madrona trees with their peeling red bark exposing lovely smooth wood beneath their flaky exteriors .Each  of the trails were just long enough to give us that little bit of walking exercise that our bodies need every day. This would be a place I could relax, and yes, read or write. After leaving I felt revived and renewed. We spent the major part of the rest of the day dancing between stores and offices, satisfying our need for visual stimulation and the completion of tasks that would guarantee our present  life style in continued comfort.  On our way home, we mossied on down to the ferry dock and watched the cars load. The water lapped at the side of the ferry as if saying, “Hurry, we must be going now.” The breeze brought the smell of the salt water to our attention encouraging us to focus on the beach, enticing us to get out for another walk. I closed my eyes, rested my head on the head rest, and could at that moment feel the sand on my bare feet and the tickling of the cold waves as they inched up to  my ankles and then scurried away again.We had to be getting on home as our dogs were waiting for us to return but for those few minutes both going and coming from doing our needed chores for the day, we were able to squeeze in moments of true, pure, enjoyment bringing forth feelings and emotions worth writing about. I encourage all of you to seek different avenues in which to develop your writing skills as we all boldly step forth in this adventure we are on. Don’t limit your knowledge, always keep moving forward, learning, and experiencing.  It is never, ever too late to learn. Or, for that matter, too early which brings me to another opportunity I have to expand my knowledge offering me diversity and a definite challenge.Not only am I learning, I am teaching.  I have found that interacting with my grandson is another activity that spurs me on. I want to teach him as much as I possibly can. I  am very aware of the fact that being a very resourceful, inquisitive, seven-year old with a desire and thirst for knowledge, that I must stay alert, informed, and open-minded to keep up with him. So we all have our reasons for what we do, and I really hope all of you are seeking out new adventures, new people, activities and interests  to ingest, enjoy and apply to your everyday living and make use of in your writing. I will leave you with this quote by Leonardo da Vinci, “The knowledge of all things is possible.” So keep learning, keep reading, keep evolving, and happy writing to you all.


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