For Better or Worse

D-I-V-O-R-C-E. If my husband was a divorcing kind of man, that’s probably where I would be headed right now. But, thank God, he’s not. In fact, although I’m sure he questions why sometimes, he promised me “FOREVER.” Being a kind, loving, patient man he tolerates my peculiar ways and doesn’t complain, too much. He really only gets upset when it starts affecting my health. I’ve been on another one of my tangents, my sprees, my quests to get things done. Oh, you think it’s good to be busy, to accomplish, to master and to complete things we start. Me too, but, when I start my projects, I usually have more than one going and at least two or three in my head to start next. When I get started, I forget to eat, I forget to shower, sometimes even comb my hair. I forget to cook, or do laundry or cleaning. I forget to go to bed. I can work straight through a night and not even realize it until I hear the birds singing starting at about four in the morning, which, well, they have been at it for a little more than an hour now.  My daughter, who lives next door, left for work an hour ago and the dogs gave up on me going to bed much earlier than that, as my husband surely did too. I’m fidgeting now so it’s time to change projects or go to bed. Since it’s now five twenty-five a.m. it is kind of late to think about bed when I usually get up about seven. I have been writing for several hours so I need to move a little. I have other projects going. Paint projects. I finished my planters yesterday. I had bought red and white plants and intended to come up with a planter in blue. I told Steve I needed two that I could paint. Before he could get to it, I discovered a couple of bird house planters that he had built for my mom and I years ago, just sitting on a shelf doing nothing. These were just what I wanted. I mixed paint and came up with one that I call, “Country Blue” and one I named, “Down Home Red.’  Feeling excited about my colors, I began. They turned out good. But I wanted more. I painted an American Flag on one side. Then stars on the front. Now, what about the other side? I finally came up with an Eagle. It took a lot of work but I am pleased. Now every artist knows you must sign your work so even though these were just going in my yard, I had also discovered in my searching a wood burning kit and had to try my hand at making a label for the back with our names on it. Finally satisfied, I planted the plants, stuck a small flag in them just for added appeal and put them on two of the old milk cans that adorn my front flower bed. Along with the planters, I also finished the  record cabinets I had started for the music room. One was a tall cabinet I got at Good Will for ten dollars. I did it in an antiqued turquoise blue. Then Steve found my mom’s old one out in the garage looking pretty worse for ware. “I can fix it,” I exclaimed. I painted it to match the other cabinet.  We moved the old rickety book-case that was housing our equipment and records out of the house and replaced them with these two “new to us” art pieces. I was happy. While I was still in the process of reloading all the records and such back into the units, Steve called me for dinner. Salad, good, no mess, done quickly, I can do this. Back to writing. oops, feed the dogs first.  Now, I have one more project, well, no, actually three more that I’m working on for the fourth.  I need to make three of the first item right away because one I want to give to my son-in-law for his birthday, one I want to give to friends, and one I want to mail to my cousin in Oklahoma. Well, I guess, I want one too, that’s four. I need Steve’s help with getting flag poles and holders on both houses for flags, that’s the second project and the third one is a wreath. It’s just for me so no big catastrophe if I don’t get that far. I think though, at this point in time, I’d better go get some sausage out of the freezer. I think maybe biscuits, sausage gravy and eggs might appease my husband and he will again forgive me for my transgressions.  Maybe, I should sweep up a little in his garage or something too while the biscuits are baking, you know, just for insurance.

One of my planters made for the July 4 Holiday.

One of my planters made for the July 4 Holiday.


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