I Was Nominated

Okay, here it is. A while back, Cheryl of “Random Thoughts by Cheryl” nominated me for  the “Versatile Blogger Award.” Being new to blogging, it was difficult to respond to all the requirements for this as one was to name fifteen more Bloggers that I felt should also be nominated. So, consequently, I have been reading. There are so many out there that I am sure are so deserving of this that it is mind boggling to try to narrow it down. First, we need to remember the rules.

1.) Which is just good manners and common sense is to thank the person that nominated you. This I have done several times but who’s counting so, Cheryl, I thank you again. Glad to see you are back. Here, I’m supposed to include a link back to Cheryl’s site but I’m not sure how. Let’s see if this works….Nope…it didn’t, so I still don’t know.

2.) Was to list 7 things about yourself that I might not know. So bloggers, get ready with your list.

3.), Nominate 15 more bloggers that you think are worthy of this award. Notify them of their nomination and include a link back to your site. There’s that “link” thing again.

There, that’s it.

And now for my nomination list: Ta Da…..

1.)  Timothy Pike                                                           9.)  Elan Mundro

2.)  The Ninth Life                                                         10). Stewart M. Perkins

3.)  Patchwork                                                              11.)  Kiethgarrettpoetry

4.) The Daily Post                                                           12.) The Drabble

5.)  SIQUXEBOOKS                                                        13.) Hey lookawriterfellow

6.)  John White                                                                14.) Live to Write-Write to Live

7.) B&B Bribruce productions                                          15.) Words on a black board

8.)  A little bird tweets

Good luck to all of you. I will be sending each of you a personal note announcing that I have nominated you.

Thanks to everyone for being patient.

Oh, by the way Cheryl, you didn’t say how long one has to complete this or how to find out about this award. Can you help us all out on that a little? I hope I haven’t taken too long getting my list out.

Thanks a bunch.



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