A Planned Good Day Gets A Fantastic Beginning

It was Friday, the day before our usual Jam Session with friends. I was in my typical state of affairs for the day before. Too much to do and not enough time to do it. I’d been up since five-thirty, watered the garden, plucked some spent blossoms, swept the patio, done a load of laundry and sprayed primer on a piece of furniture I planned on painting later in the day. I had heard the coffee beeper go off so coffee was ready and I was ready for it. Steve was up and met me at the front door, cups in hand. We sat on the patio in our rockers, sipping our fresh hot coffee and discussing our plans for the day. “I’m cleaning carpets as soon as I finish a few more chores out here.” I said. “Well, as soon as I get dressed, that is. I chuckled and grinned at Steve as I said it. He knew unless someone intervened I was just as likely to still be puttering around in my pj’s two hours from now. He also knew there would probably be no breakfast if he didn’t mention it.

“Okay, you go get dressed and I’ll start breakfast.”  He knew his attempt to help would be the best way to get me headed in the right direction. I took my cup, gave him a kiss and headed for the bedroom. “I’ve been sittin’ here all night long, watchin’ the night unfold……” I was humming a song I’d been trying to learn for Jam session. Let’s see, jeans, cut off jeans, and a tank top, it’s going to be hot again today, I said out loud but really only to me. I picked up my pink scuffies. No, those won’t work, something sturdier. I love wearing the little slip on’s but they aren’t very stable out in the grass and rocks. Finishing my attire with just enough make up to get me by, should I do something stupid and  end up going to the hospital, having to face a whole passel of people I had no intentions if intermingling with today. Earrings, done. I’m not dressed with out my earrings. I headed back to the kitchen, getting there just in time for breakfast on the bar and Steve ready to pour me another cup of coffee. “You ready for this?” he asked as he held out the pot.

“Yep, perfect timing, we’ve still got it, don’t we.” I smiled, he poured and we sat down for oatmeal laced with butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, accompanied with fresh prunes off our tree out back. “Looks like we have another project ready for us.” I said. “We’ll have to get these picked and processed real soon so we don’t lose them. You ready for a day of canning?”

“Not today. “Those can wait until Monday. We have our plans for today. They don’t include canning. Looks like you are well on your way with yours. I need to finish my project I’ve got going and then I’ll help you with the carpets.”

“What have you got going?” I asked, not realizing he had done any of the prep work the day before. I thought he was just puttering around in the garage trying to figure out what to do with more stuff. Heaven knows that one is a big job in itself.

Sandy & Author Debbie Mocomber 8/23/15

Sandy & Author, Debbie Macomber, 8/23/15

“I’m going to put the gazebo together.” he said. ” I got the broken pieces welded yesterday. I’ll paint it this morning and we’ll have it up by late afternoon. It’ll look a lot better than that pop-up.”  This news was exciting.  I’d been wanting it done for so long. Some friends gave it to us years ago because they were moving and had no place for it. They also said it might have some broken pieces but thought they could be fixed. It was free. For that kind of money we could take a look at it and possibly do something with it. That day had evidently finally come. I was just about to go back outside when the phone rang.

“Hi, Sandy, Diane here. What you doing?”

“Well, good morning! Just headed out to the garden again. How are you?”

“I’m good. But I would be better if you would join me for brunch tomorrow morning? I have these tickets, for two, and would love for you to go. It’s a book signing. The author is Debbie Macomber.  How about it, can you go with me?”

“Oh Diane, I’d love to go. Debbie Macomber! Wow!” I was thrilled. Our own Debbie Macomber, that lives right close to here in Port Orchard. The same Debbie Macomber that is a number one New York Times bestselling author. She is  one of the most popular writers today. Although I had not started reading her books yet, I had heard plenty about her. She and her husband also own the “Victorian Rose Tea Room” and  “A Good Yarn Shop” located in Port Orchard too. Brunch would be at the Tea Room. If you’ve never been by there, the buildings are beautiful. Huge, Victorian design buildings in lovely colors matching their styling perfectly that cannot be missed as you head to Port Orchard  via Bethel Avenue. I’ve admired them every since I first saw them.

“Good, that’s wonderful,” answered Diane. “I’ll pick you up about 8 am, okay. I’m so glad you can go.

“Thanks, I’ll be ready.” I hung up and eagerly went to catch up with Steve who had already gone out. “Guess what!  Guess, oh, you’ll never guess! ” I exclaimed as he turned and waited for me. As I explained, he took my hand and we walked to the area of my planned garden shed, him listening intently and smiling the whole time.

I got the carpets cleaned, the living room cleaned up and the bathrooms cleaned.  Putting the roast in the oven for dinner tonight and for the left over to use for tomorrow evening, I was still thinking about the brunch and meeting Debbie Macomber. What an exciting prospect that seemed. I was going to possibly meet a real Author. Someone, I had admired for some time now but just hadn’t had the chance to read. She was born the same year I was. Her life has not been without heartaches.  She is a real inspiration. She gives me hope. My thoughts went back to what I still had to get done. I had curtains in the washer that had to be re-hung, dusting, sweep and mop the kitchen, and figure out what to do with all my sewing that I have strewn all over the kitchen table. Let’s see, as soon as the roast comes out I need to get the cake in the oven. I was making Pork Fried Rice accompanied by Orange Salad for dinner Saturday evening followed by Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing and ice cream for dessert. My special Carrot Cake. Everyone loves it. It’ll be a hit for sure. We were planning on eight of us for dinner before jam session.

Saturday morning arrived and so did Diane promptly at 8 as she had said. We would be a little early but that was what we wanted. Parking would be a lot easier if earlier and so would a good seat for brunch. We weren’t the only ones with that idea. I think there had been a limit of  sixty-five guests, which sold out quickly, and at least thirty were waiting in line already when we got there. So much for being early. We did, however, still get good seats, just in front of the stairway, where Debbie would be speaking. Just as we had expected, it was a delightful morning. Debbie shared some antidotes with us and spoke about how she tries to stay humble. She also spoke of several of her trips and World Vision of which she is their international spokesperson for their “Knit for Kids” charity initiative. Being most enjoyable and hugely funny she kept us ladies, and a few husbands that joined the group, quite entertained and then took on questions from the group. I have to say I had an exceptionally good time and am so thankful to Diane for asking me to go. Afterwards we were able to speak with Debbie  briefly and  get a picture with her. What a treat for me. Diane and I were still giddie over our encounter that morning and shared some of Debbie’s stories with the group during our dinner conversations Saturday evening.  We ate in the dining room since I decided my sewing was going to stay on the kitchen table until I got done.  Oh yes,  and dinner was great, the cake was a hit, and jammin’ was fun, as usual. We did a few old songs, a new song I wrote because of,  you know,  one of those, a joke comment was made, and someone said that sounds like a song title, and Linda said, “Sandy can write one , she can do it, can’t you Sandy!” which became an automatic challenge for me, so I took it on. Being true to country, I made it a little bit bad with a little beer, a few drunk women a cheatin’ man , a truck, train, prison and momma all included. We’ve got the words but the tune isn’t quite right yet. Don’t expect it to come out as a number one hit anyway soon.  Diane and I tried our best to do a few Patsy Cline numbers which is not an easy feat, but oh well.  It’s all about having fun. The evening ended with a wowing guitar lead in from Steve and a terrific drum solo from Johnny.

The highlight of my day though, will remain, meeting Debbie Macomber and hearing her speak of some of her own personal encounters, challenges, and beliefs.  It was a good day. A very good day  indeed!


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