Stimulate, Imaginate, Percolate

Another day with more to do than I can keep track of. Personally, if I could just choose one thing to be my favorite and stick to that I’d probably be better off.  I have numerous hobbies and try to fulfill them all so there is always something going on around here. Today I need to limit myself. Today I need to concentrate on my most pressing project. Today I must finish my sewing . I have a new baby, third cousin, recently born in Oklahoma, and I have been trying to get a few things made for her. She is so precious, weighing just over six pounds when born. My project has been squeezed in, in-between gardening, doctor appointments, dog care and just everyday daily doings. My writing has also taken a hit. But I must get the sewing done today and in the mail. I’ve made a darling pair of booties a couple of headbands and am now working on a dress. It looks like it will be so cute. I can’t wait to get it done. Being one of my own designs, I’m never sure until they are finished as to what the outcome will be. This particular one, which will be a one of a kind, is called “Ballerina Rose” and as the name suggests is done in different shades of pink roses, white lace, and will have a very full “TuTu” skirt. Being styled as a ballerina dress it is sleeveless so it will have a matching jacket. I have plans for a hat with a full siz
e flower as its top piece. That part is still in the sketching stages. I also purchased a darling little pair of shoes, covered in pink, ribbon roses, to go with the outfit.

I haven’t done any real sewing since 2012 when I made all my dogs dresses for Christmas. When I say all, that means six, one of which is my grand-dog. I used all recycled materials in those, which is what I do for most of my dog projects. The time gap has made it difficult to get back in the swing of things. Once again, this is one of those things where the old saying, “use it or lose it” comes into play. If you have a skill, no matter how good you are at it, you must practice it regularly to stay skillful at it.

This applies to writing as well. It’s all good to say, “I’m a writer.” But unless you stay abreast of your writing, read material written by others, study writing styles, learn new words and meanings, and get out and around to view and encourage new adventures and subjects to use as writing material, you probably won’t make it as a writer. There is nothing worse than getting stale, except of course, writers block, which by the way, the two go hand in hand. To get writers block is to become stale in one’s writing material. You must expose yourself if you want to become exposed. Learn a new skill, take a class at the college, get out and view the scenery around you, view nature, people watch, go to a ball game or a theater production, take a walk downtown, or at a park. Exposure is stimulation. Stimulation perks the imagination. Imagination is one of the uppermost keys to being a good writer. Having other hobbies is part of what stimulates me. They keep my mind active. Some of them keep my body active.  But, getting other projects done so I can concentrate on some writing activities is what is important today. Besides, the baby will have out grown my gift if I don’t get it sent soon.  With
that, I’m off to sew lace on the bloomers to my little ballerina outfit. Have a great day folks and for today’s encouragement I’m wishing you all, stimulation and percolation in your lives.

Designer booties and headband.

Designer booties and headband.

Dress in the making.... with matching shoes

Dress in the making….
with matching shoes

Handmade designer of a kind.

Handmade designer booties…one of a kind.


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