This Feeling Will Never Get Old !

Third Poem Published

Third Poem Published

I really am having a hard time believing this myself.  Do any of you remember my post, “I’ve been published?” Do you remember the circumstances? I had sent in a poem to the local Newspaper for consideration for possible publication. Well, I did it again. This is my third time to send in a poem for the “Poetry Corner” and it’s my third time to have mine published. Wow, what a great feeling. I am ecstatic!  What an inspiration for me to keep writing. I am still working on that first “novel” I mentioned a while back but haven’t had time to put too much into it lately. I’ve only gone as far as finishing Chapter three. How many chapters will it have? I don’t know yet. Where are my characters headed and how will it end? I’m still introducing characters into it and giving them some background. It’s all still in the planning stages. I do have an idea of where it’s going and how it will end but that could all change. I’ll just have to see how my ideas develop and where they take me.  I’ve never tried to write fiction before so this is really an undertaking for me. I have written poems. I started a children’s story but got side tracked  so it is sitting on a back burner. This novel, this I would like to do. It’s proving interesting as I attempt to bring new and interesting characters and situations into it. One point I discovered, introducing fact. I have already noted several places which I need to re-address and pay attention to actual real life facts on that particular subject.  I’m learning as I go. From here, I guess we will all have to just wait and see what happens and when, as I understand these things can take months, even years. I probably should continue putting my book of poems together too. They are all written, put in chapters according to subject, art work done, and most of the pictures included so not much left to do except publish.  I hadn’t planned on making this one public. It was more for my family than anything but I think I’ve decided to try to get it published. My husbands enthusiasm has much to do with that change of heart. Now all I have to do is figure out how one goes about getting a book published. I’m investigating the prospects……stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “This Feeling Will Never Get Old !

    • Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I appreciate your input. I’ve been reading a few of your posts and enjoying them. I most certainly will be writing more. This encouragement is awesome. “A Writer” (big smile here) just saying it makes me feel giddie all over ! Thanks again.


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