To Have a Grand Child Visit

White caps on a Windy Day, Port Townsend, WA 8/29/15

It’s the first chance I’ve had for a number of days to actually get on here. Oh. did I say days? It’s  now 12:54 AM. Yes, and I’m just getting around to this. We picked our grand-daughter up yesterday (a two-hour trip to get her), spent a little time in town hoping the wind would die down before we headed out, ate dinner and then made our way back through town, fighting the wind all the way, to the car. It had been predicted forty mile-an-hour winds for yesterday. I never did hear what they were after the fact but I know it was the strongest I’ve ever been out in. It would literally pick you up off your feet as you fought to steady yourself. It was exciting, while at the same time, not a good time to be out on the road. As a matter of fact it was quite dangerous. On our way into town we were struck by a flying tree branch on the passenger side of the car. There was no damage though. We were lucky. We only encountered one tree down on the road. On the way out of town we had just crossed the Hood Canal Floating bridge when traffic came to a complete stop. It was about a fifteen minute wait then we started creeping along. Then stop again. Traffic the other way. It soon became apparent that there was someplace ahead where there must be one way only traffic. It took us another half hour to reach that spot. There had been a large tree over the road way and at this point they had half of it cleared off one side of the road. As we passed through we could see the traffic on the other side  backed up as far as one could see. After we finally got moving again we discovered that distance to be a good ten miles or more. Everything went well the rest of the way home. We were glad to be there, grand-daughter in tow, and not too awfully late in the evening.

Today, grampa fixed breakfast. Well, he did the bacon and hash browns and Lauren (our grand-daughter) and I did the eggs. I always get to do the eggs. I can do perfect over easy eggs most every time. I had more sewing to do so I continued with that for a while while my two sidekicks puttered around doing other things. Then it was a trip to the store to get a few things especially for Lauren. The main thing on her list was Fruit Loops. I managed to pick up three outfits for school for her. I found part of the things I needed for my sewing projects. by the time we got done it was dinner time again so we ate at Subway, per Lauren’s request. I think she has eaten  there before. She knew her order right down to the salt and pepper on the sandwich without blinking an eye. We were still trying to figure out what to have. Half of mine came home with me and is now in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow, I will continue with my sewing project and will be helping Lauren learn to embroidery. We are excited about that. When we tire of that we plan to make Oatmeal Butterscotch Chip cookies. They are so good. Banana Bread is also on our list of things to bake. Steve has an appointment first thing and then I expect he will busy himself working on the old truck, until he realizes we have gotten cookies done, that is. These being his favorite, I expect he’ll know exactly when the first batch is out of the oven.

We will have our little girl visiting for almost all of the week so we have numerous activities lined up. One will be going out rock hunting for just the perfect rocks for painting. We picked up a book on rock painting and it looks like fun. We also want to take her down to the beach to walk and see what other interesting things we can find. Grampa and I made us all beach bags out of three of those net bags that fruit comes in from the store. I ran a piece of twine through the top for a draw string and handle. Grampa Steve has a rock tumbler here and Lauren has one at home so they should have fun with that after our beach trip.

So the next few days will probably be busy and I probably wont have time to write or read much. I will, however, be thoroughly enjoying myself being entertained by my sweet girl.


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