Be Understanding of Age

I hate getting older although I find that I’m bolder

than I ever used to be

My colors are brighter my mood is lighter

and I find nothing much embarrasses me

People seem to know  that sometimes I’m slow

not in a hurry  to get any where

Sometimes my husband has to check what I’ve done

and even remind me to brush my hair

When thats done and he wants to go some where in the car

I plop my wide brimmed purple hat on my head

and he looks at me with a smile and  just says”Are you sure you didn’t want to wear the red”

he opens my door, kisses me once more, and we drive off not knowing how far.

I pay no attention to time and I think  that’s just fine

but I guess  I ought to even though I don’t really want to

and maybe I should even remember to dine

And I’d just as soon not have to  sleep

I think it would be really neat if that wasn’t a necessary thing

I could putter all night and in the morning light

still feel like I slept like a queen

If my bones didn’t hurt I could do much more work

and still have the energy to go to town

I’ll keep trying you won’t find me crying

and I won’t let it get me down.

No it’s no fun getting old and it gets worse so I’m told

but I’ll keep doing the best that I can

I’ll fight this stuff and try to stay tough

and then hope for the rest that you’ll all understand.

Whatever I do it has no reflexion on you so don’t worry

about what people say

Just know that I’m fine with these choices of mine

and I’m having a delightful day

the only stipulation to all our jubilation that might have a bearing on our fun

is that  we are home by dark and the car is parked and we are planning the next day where to run


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