Re-write The Ending, I’m On A Roll

Did you hear the story about the Kangaroo that knocked on someone’s door? Actually, you should have read that one, right here on my site. I’m not sure how many of you actually did but here’s the “New Ending” that just came about today. I’ve mentioned that I have submitted poems to our local newspaper. It comes out on the first of every month. With great anticipation I rushed to get today’s paper, turned to page 22 and almost shouted out loud a great big hallelujah! For there it was, my poem, again. This is four months running that they have printed one of mine. I actually took this one from my story, “What Do You Do If A Kangaroo Knocks on Your Front Door.” I had to cut it down to under two hundred words but I did it and well, I must not have ruined it because, here it is in print. I am so excited. So now the hard part. Coming up with another poem for the upcoming month. I haven’t been out and about much and am lacking in inspiration. Yet, just the promise of possibly being published again, is in itself, inspiring. I suppose one of these days, I’ll quit posting each time I get printed, but I’m not over the overwhelming excitement of it yet. The most exciting part of the whole idea though is how and when I might turn part of what I do into an actual book. Now that would be something to shout about. I can imagine that some of your writers out there just sit back and relax saying, ” Oh me, yes, that was me, yes, oh it’s just another book. I wrote one last month too.” I suppose for some of you it’s just an ordinary every day occurrence but I find that really hard to imagine.  So I hope all you readers and writers will bear with me for now and accept my shouts of joy as total uncontrollable, ever so exciting, unpredicted jubilation, as that folks, is precisely what they are.


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