Ah,Yes To The Nooks And Crannys

I have a little writing nook

in it my desk, computer and writing books

a dictionary, thesaurus, a lot of pens

a book of rhyming words for when my imagination ends

All the tools that I might need

a writers handbook to help me with my deed

another one on “Increasing your word Power”

this one I’ve read by the hour

Why you ask, what is it you seek

I answer I’m tired of being meek

I want to make my voice heard

I want to share my thoughts and my words

Someday I might write a book

right here in my little nook

it’s my spot a place I am free

in my nook I’m just me

I’m not mom or a wife

I’m not grammie I have my life

I’ve raised a whole passel of kids

and some grand kids too

a whole lot of animals

sometimes it seemed I had a zoo

I’ve been teacher, Dr., nurse and coach

taxi, chef, Veterinarian all these I boast

seamstress, secretary and Boss

most of these talents I’ve never lost

but now it’s time for me to be me

maybe take some of those memories

put them to paper and set them free

I have a life time of stories that I can share

poems about my past and tales of why I care

So every day I take some time

to come and sit in this nook of mine

For a little while I’m just me

and everyone knows to let me be

let me hold up in my nook

who knows, I might be writing that book


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