An Angel Walks Amongst Us


There is an Angel that walks through out our home

she’s been here forever and a day

she shows herself now and then

and she’ll never go away

It has been said that, they, the innocent ones,

that were taken through foul play

shall stay as Angels  to fulfill what they should have done

until the right time

finally comes their way.

Our Angel had been dealt an extremely  horrific end

No one saw it coming, no one could step in

She was at home with the children when the evil’s plot was spun

he decided her fate, carried out his plan, not to be undone

she still remembers the evil bursting in but not too much of the rest

what she remembers most was the warm, red, gushing from her chest

and the little boy watching from the door

she waved him on and watched him run as she fell upon the floor

she prayed for the evil not to follow … then…  she heard the sound once more

Thank God her prayers were answered

there had been no time to ask for any thing more

now, the evil laid beside her there

just inside the door

She could hear the baby crying in the crib

close by in the kitchen nook

but no matter how hard she tried

she couldn’t raise her head to look

sirens were wailing but they seemed so far away

she realized by the time they got there she’d already be on her way

and as the sirens closed in she could still hear the baby cry

and then she heard nothing…. for it was her time to die

Now  she could see and hear them as above she seemed to float

people scurrying around rushing

and some even weeping as the horror they did note

Someone took the baby from the crib then took the boy in hand

the child turned and waved back to her, saying, “Mommie, I understand.”

Weeks later as she watched, the family returned to the house

Others had been there before them trying to get the stains all out

when nothing else seemed to work they covered the stains with some rugs

saying it’s all they could do as their shoulders they all shrugged

The children were the only ones that seemed to understand she was there

Sometimes she’d kiss their cheek or tug a tuft of their hair.

But the elders seemed puzzled at the games she played with the kids

Didn’t seem to understand anything she did

Why is that door open again, who moved the shoes that were sat there on the floor

how did that vase get tipped over, questions, more questions galore

Then one day as she was drifting in and out of the rooms,

looking for the children, the house was filled with more than gloom.

The sadness had become overbearing, the elders  couldn’t cope.

They picked up the babies walked out of the house never looking back as she had hoped

One baby over his shoulder another one walking at his side

and then she saw it, they both smiled at her, with a twinkle in their eyes.

so she went too from the house of sadness, just before they closed the door

now she knew where ever they went she’d be with them ever more.

Through the years she danced through the rooms of every house they lived

from time to time giving a tweak on the cheek of one of the kids

The grown-ups stopped complaining about little things moved around

like the time they found the coffee pot in the fridge

and the kitchen towels in the drawer turned completely upside down

Sometimes a chair would be turned, sometimes she’d move the broom

sometimes the curtains would hang straight and still, then suddenly billow,

though there was not a  bit of a breeze in the room

Everyone seemed to adjust to having her around

but of that horrible Halloween eve they never spoke a sound

No one told the children where their mother had gone

no one explained why they never ever again would hear her sing her songs

I , however, as a young child remembered that night with fear

and carried that memory with me for oh so many years

Of recent  I have come to know her now, more than I ever did

and welcome her presence in our home like did as a kid

A wisp of air, a flash of light, I see her now and then

but mostly she moves unnoticed room to room and back through it all again.

I often feel  the feather like touch softly stroke my cheek

and wondered if it is still her, looking after me

One night not long ago she whispered in my ear

I turned and she was gone but I felt that she was near

as she whispered she had touched my shoulder

I knew the touch of her hand

It brought warmth to my soul, a sense of peace, and helped me understand.

Those touches as she passes by me, the shadows in the night

I know now why they don’t bother me any more or cause me any fright

I know that beside me she will always be20151016_230716

Until we both walk to together

into eternity


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