Here’s Hoping!

Well, folks, I just sent another Poem, “Just a Walk On The Beach” off to the newspaper. Of course, I have to wait until the first of next month to find out if they print it. Keep your fingers crossed. My plan is to send one every month. My goal at the moment is to have one published in the paper for six months running. If I make that I will revise my goal (but I’m secretly hoping for twice that). I have had four published so far.   So anyway, I’m hoping. This is so good for my ego! It also keeps me on my toes and looking for new things to write about. I do want to keep myself reminded though, they may not choose mine. I need to be braced for that rejection or if not rejection, just the fact that it didn’t happen, maybe just because of too many entries. What ever the reason, I’m sure if it happens, it will be met with disappointment. That too is part of learning to write. When it does come I hope I can accept it gracefully and then use it to my benefit and move on.

Speaking of moving on, I have three sewing projects to get done this week, some crochet to finish for a gift  and I’m getting back into the cake decorating mode for a birthday cake at the end of the week. I haven’t done this for a while. In fact, I pretty much turned that phase of my life over to my daughter. I gave her most of my inventory of supplies and tools. She does beautiful work and has far surpassed my knowledge and ability level. However, her birthday was this month and she is coming to town for a visit so I thought I might just try a surprise cake for her. This too will be interesting. If that doesn’t sound like enough, we are having company for dinner tomorrow evening followed by one of our Saturday night Jam Sessions. That’s always something I look forward to though. We play (instruments)the best we can and do a little singing. Well, we call it singing but there could be some different opinions on that one. Mostly we just have fun.

Oh, I believe I did mention dinner. We are serving homemade clam chowder, coleslaw,  homemade bread sticks and maybe lemon meringue pie for desert. I finally learned how to make a decent chowder a month or so back. I also have the recipe for the coleslaw dressing from a favorite restaurant we used to frequent many years ago and this dressing is a favorite of so many. My homemade bread is always a hit ( just a little bragging here) and it’s such an easy recipe, handed down from numerous grandmas through the years. I think I have everything under control at this point. I just have to clean bathrooms one more time and all should be good.

I guess I can refer back to my title now and say, I have a lot to be hopeful for the next couple of days. Just one more thing. I hope this finds all of you looking forward, having events to inspire you, challenge you and keep you active along with people in your life that give encouragement. enjoyment, and love.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile.



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