It’s Halloween, Scare If You Dare

All the leaves that had turned orange, red and gold

are gone now and the bare branches of the trees

reach like skeletons in the night

shaking in the breeze.

Their shadows on the ground

are a fearful site

bobbing and shaking all about

giving mortal souls a fright.

As the moon shines bright over head

skeletal shadows reaching everywhere

MS 2

I walked past the grave yard filled with dread

hallowed sounds coming from within there.

The reaching skeleton arms

I saw waving all about on the ground

I was running scared, running fast

and I was homeward bound.

Before I could get there

one of the shadows grabbed me down another grabbed my hat

for a moment I looked around

still not knowing where I was at.

Getting up I started to run20151028_163701-1

my next fall was abrupt

I shook my head and tried again,

pulling myself up.

What’s this  I was home in my room

on the floor beside my bed

had all this been a dream? I laughed

What was there here to dread?

I then knew what was going on

it was Halloween again

this is when the bad dreams come along

at night I could never win.

I have always had bad dreams before Halloween night

waking up thinking things are all wrong20151028_155956

I’m filled with so much fright

feeling I’m not where I belong.

Crawling back up the side of my bed

and making my way to the middle

I pulled the blankets over my head

when suddenly I heard a scary giggle

I slowly pulled the blankets back

20151029_174825 (1)so I could take a peek

I’m not dreaming now  what’s going on,

what is it that you seek

The moon was bright the skeleton arms

were reaching in my window

they hung on the ceiling and across the wall

waving all around as outside the wind did blow.

I heard it again  that laughing sound

and that wicked giggle

back under the blankets I wanted to go

but was to scared to even wiggle

We’ve come for you a hoarse voice said,

to take you in the night

we’re going to chop you up, put you in a stew,

                                   and eat you on Halloween Night.

You’ll be so tasty with the spiders and snakes,

the rat’s tail and the pigs eye

now have you anything to say for yourself

before we grab you  from that bed and you die.

20151001_183644-1 (1)“Why me, I shouted, what did I do

why must I die this way?

go away, eave me alone,

oh how I hate Halloween day.

Because you’re mean  you are a scoundrel

and you have hateful ways

you never spend anytime with your little brother

or ask him if he wants to play.

“What? What’s going on?

then the giggle turned into a big laugh

my blankets were being pulled off the bed

as at them I tried to grab.

Then suddenly popped up  two heads from below

right out from under my bed

so this is what was going on

that caused me so much dread

My little brother and his best friend

laughing loudly as they got up

We fooled you  yes we did  you were so scared

I bet you almost threw up.

No but I’m going to get you

I said as I jumped from the bed

they started to run I was right behind

then something grabbed my head.

20151028_160209-1I turned and one of the branch shadows grabbed my arm

it drug me to the window and out

now it’s my brother who every night

wakes up to his own screams and shouts.


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