Ah yes, I knew it would come. The sinking feeling in your stomach. The “Oh, they didn’t print my submission.”  The questions about whether or not my piece was good enough. But really, I shouldn’t be too upset. I mean, it wasn’t really rejection. The newspaper didn’t include their monthly edition of “The Poetry Corner” this month. Zilch, nothing, not mine, not anyones. So am I to assume they just didn’t have room this month, or they aren’t getting enough entries, or maybe none of the entries were “good” enough. What ever the case they don’t give any explanation as to why it’s not there. I suppose I could write to the editor to find out why. In fact, I may just do that just to satisfy my need to know anxiety. Ah, but then, that would really open me up to the possibility of total rejection now wouldn’t it. “I’m sorry Mrs. Rogers, your entries just don’t cut it.”  To pursue or not pursue. That is the question of the day.


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