Embellishments in Writing vs Short and Sweet


I’ve never taken a writing course. I haven’t studied to be a writer. I have written a lot of things. I have been told I should get more serious and publish some of my work. Not by writers ( well, actually, yes by a writer) and by friends, and other people who have enjoyed reading some of my efforts.Not having any professional experience and being just a bit on the timid, unsure side, I have to really question whether or not I am qualified. What qualifies a person to be a writer. Is it the schooling, is it having the mastery of vocabulary, or is it the desire to express your thoughts that is most important? I believe all of this is important. I have never been able to afford school so I am on my own there. I can study and learn words, their meanings, their application, their usefulness. I have the desire. That is no problem. I can even hopefully over come some of my insecurities. But the matter of how to write is now my question.

I read yesterday that the key to being a good writer is keeping it short and simple, get to the point, don’t over embellish. I’m afraid I’m one of those people who like to embellish. I like the descriptive path. The quickest, most direct route between point A and B is straight from one to the other. Simplistic and to the point. But sometimes, isn’t taking the long road around more interesting?  Isn’t seeing all the interesting and unexpected pleasures along the other route maybe more exciting?  I like to know who I am writing about, give them character, an identity. I like to know how the flowers smell, feel and look . I like to have an idea of how the meal placed before me is apt to taste. All of this requires more than going straight from A to B. It requires descriptions, embellishments, and explanations.  It requires getting out of the vehicle, strolling down the path and touching all that is around you. At that point, you have the ability to share what you’ve seen and felt. You have the ability to embrace your reader  drawing  them into your world and what it’s all about. Through your involvement they too can view the beauty you are seeing, feel the fear in your heart, taste the desire that is growing within you and caress the spirit of your message. Isn’t this what you want your reader to experience in your writing? Short, simple and to the point can work but sometimes shouldn’t you take time to smell the roses? Or, better yet, enjoy the whole garden. Then, share every detail of your excitement with your followers.

Feeling this way about my writing and writing in general I hope I can decipher when  to take the short cut and when to open the flood gates.

How do you write? How do you decide? What is the best path? I would love to hear some of your ideas.


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