Breakfast done, last cup of coffee in hand, we sat down. He with the TV control tuning in on the big game, me in all my team regalia. This was it. We would win this one or we would lose big. This one was a deal breaker. I don’t think I ever did get comfortable, sitting on the edge of my chair from start to finish. The other team dominated right from the start. We did make a good come back in the second half. We actually, for a bit, had hopes of pulling through. But it was just not enough soon enough. Yes, we lost and we lost our chance at the Super Bowl. We the fans are very saddened. We hate with a passion to see our beloved team go down.  I feel bad that they lost.  Not just that they lost but for the way each of them are feeling at this moment. They work hard at their game. They put everything into it and into each other.  But I’m sure as they move ahead they will review, re-new, regroup, revive and next year we can look forward to another year of exciting, on the edge of my chair, nail biting football. Until then, I will still wear my team colors, I will still follow my favorites, and I will still chant..”GO HAWKS, GO HAWKS, GO HAWKS” whenever I get the chance. As devoted as they are to each other, we, their fans are devoted to them. “Go Seahawks”   The game goes on and so will we. Here’s to next year♥




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