To Know Grief

How do you get over a hurdle when your heart won’t let you leap

how do you move on when you can barely pick up your feet

to every one around you you seem to be okay

you put on the same smile and face each and every day

moving sometimes without purpose just do what needs to be done

you do what’s expected of you from each and everyone

of those who think they know you but never see through your pain

there’s no need to speak of it there is nothing there to gain

why upset anyone else this is your burden to carry alone

knowing someday the pain will ease but will never be completely gone

as you tell yourself you can accept it your eyes swell with tears

as that’s what you’ve been saying for just over two long years.

Not ready to let go though you had known for a long time

you hung on to every breath and held her hand in thine

and when the last one came yours had failed you too

without her it seemed that breathing  was more than you could do

you held her in your arms afraid to lay her down

you cried silently ear to her chest listening for a sound

it didn’t come  then you wept again as they laid her in the ground.




3 thoughts on “To Know Grief

    • Thank you for liking and commenting. I am so sorry about your mother. I can relate to your feelings as I lost my mom when I was 17 months old. I was however blessed with another mother whom I loved dearly and that is exactly what my posts “Loss” and “To Know Grief” are about.

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      • Sandy, I am happy that you were touched by a mother’s love. Actually my little sister was 6 months old when we lost our mama. Our Dad did remarry but then we never gained a mother through that. ❤


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