Just a Thought

I haven’t published much lately, partially due too so much going on around here, and partially just because of a lack of things to write about. How many times do you want to hear about how the tractor broke down again, or the truck is still dead and sitting in Eastern WA or…..well, you get it, the same ole stuff, just more of it. I tired of these subjects long ago and I would have imagined any one who follows me has too.

Okay, lets tackle a new subject. I’ve been working out in my yard as much as I can, which isn’t a great deal, just kind of slow and steady. I find that is how I have to manage, with having had a life long history of Fibromyalgia and degenerative Disk disease.  Not to worry, I get plenty done and there is plenty to keep me going as long as I do it right.

I decided to clean the outside shed out the other day. I had some pieces of furniture that Emmy could use in the little house next door.  Hannah also had some things stored in the shed that she wanted out too. Wow, what a difference it makes just to get a few things  out. Let’s see, three chest of drawers, a table, a bed frame, and a small shelf. What went back that wasn’t in there before? A small table. That’s all. Holly cow, we did good! But back to my original story. I was cleaning away, sweeping, and moving things when I came upon rat droppings, a lot of rat droppings. At least I attributed these to rat droppings. We had chipmunks in the shed before but these droppings looked different and bigger. Suspiciously and a little more cautiously, I moved on with the cleaning. Then I found a nest on top of a chair in the corner, having used all the stuffing out of the chair seat. No sign of activity though but fairly sure it was from a rat.  Continuing on I started moving bags of stuff.Suddenly one of the bags started moving. Rustling came from within the bag and was quite aggressively restless. I sat it back down. Oh, my gosh, it stopped moving.  I picked it back up. Again, extremely agitated movement came from within. Holding the bag just inches off the floor, thinking I was safe because he was in the bottom of this extra-large, black garbage bag, I and my daughter, Hannah, watched him run back and forth across the bottom of the bag.

“What do I do with it?” I asked Hannah,  but before she could say a thing, that critter ran up the side of the bag, me watching the whole thing unable to move, and suddenly flew out of the hole in the top where it was tied. Seeing the next few moments take place must have been a funny sight if anyone had been watching. I dropped the  bag, screamed from the startling movement and the sight before my eyes. 20160517_170146Yes, out of that top hole he came, large and gray, and as he did he jumped, flying straight at me, his eyes as big as saucers, his hairless front feet sticking straight out,and  fingers spread wide. I was backing up as fast as my feet would move. Why he must have flown at least four feet in the air before he started his decent. He hit the floor,evidently unharmed and took off out the door headed to the brush next to the shed. I had to sit down on the old deacons  bench that still had to go back in the shed, to catch my breath. Hannah, stood there laughing.

“You wouldn’t be laughing if he had been flying at you ready to grab into your hair with those long fingers and not let go.” I exclaimed to her. Then we both laughed and got back to work.

Now I was in the back of the shed, no signs of any other critters, while Hannah was standing outside the door poking the broom underneath the shelf unit, when she let a holler loud enough to wake the dead.

“WATCH, HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE!” I turned in time to stick my broom down in front of it making it switch directions.  It headed for the door. Hannah screamed and jumped backwards, whilst the little guy (little for a rat) jumped out the door and took off.  We both laughed for five minutes.

“Do you think that’s all of them?” I asked her.

With no more incidents we got everything back in the shed and I’m happy to say we reduced the amount by about half. Today I have to go back, make sure there aren’t any critters that got in over night, nail covers over the chew holes in the wood and then finish straightening up. Next cleaning, lets hope for no rats and a place for most of my crap stuff to go, away. I’m trying to clear this stuff out a little so the more that goes away and not back in the shed the better. Now if I could just apply this same principle to my sewing/art/dog care room and my computer room, I would be ever so happy.  I think too that if I didn’t have so much clutter to deal with, I might be more inclined  to write more.  Just a thought. Yes, just a thought. A thought, to give considerable consideration to.



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