There is that word staring at me from the top of the page again as if it is just daring me  to put something there. Title, hmmm, what should this one be? Why is it so boldly printed at the top? Why not at the bottom? Far to often I have no  idea what I’m going to write about until my fingers hit the keyboard. From there it seems as if they take on a life of their own, free of me, free of my inadequacies, free of my fears of rejection and humiliation. They type quickly as if racing against my mind to get ahead before I think of some reason not to put thoughts to paper. It’s been a long time again and the notion has been floating in the back of my mind nagging at me to do something.” Just sit down for a minute and it will come to you,” I hear in my head as I’m tending the garden trying to prop up the plants the deer only trampled over rather than eating, of course, only to get to those they obviously love better. The squash, the strawberries and the pumpkin plants all chewed right down to the last few leaves. Maybe, they have time to grow again. The squash still has one flower but hope for the strawberries is all but gone. Still, I fed the beautiful doe and her fawn very well. Why must they smoosh my gladioli and the lilies? Why knock over the frog in the fountain leaving him bottoms up and drowning? Is it because they know that all too soon big dog in the back yard will sound at their presence. She has never been out of that yard or after the deer, but that sound of hers would wake the dead. That is probably my answer right there. The little doe is smart and has connected big dogs boisterous beller to the lights in the kitchen and my presence at the front door. She knows all too soon I will be outside to see what the ears of big dog have heard in the early morning hours even before the birds have started their songs.  She and her fawn must move swiftly to get their breakfast even if it means the death of some of my favorite beauties. Now I’m faced with yet one more question. Which is it that I love more? The sight of the ever so beautiful doe and the amazement I feel in side every time I see her and her youngster along with the excitement of possibly seeing once more the  stout and stately buck that has forbidden me his company except for the one time  when I had emerged from the garage to see him grazing on the front lawn?  All at once our eyes met and we both  froze. He looked me over for a minute then turned and walked off into the woods as if disgusted that I had interrupted his breakfast. I still couldn’t believe that I, totally engrossed in the results of an early morning project, happened upon him standing so proudly not ten feet beyond me. Is it these beautiful wild animals, or, is it the gorgeous flowers  I took so much time to pick out and hours upon hours to plant in my strategically planned out garden plot, which for the first time was really beginning to resemble a true garden, that I love more?  Oh how on earth would one ever choose between the two?  The pleasure that each brings me cannot be measured. Each has its own convincing promise of the joy of future life and beauty around me.  Each moves gracefully  with the breeze across the threshold of my sight and leaves permanent picture embedded in my heart. To choose is impossible so, for now, I will keep my hopes of seeing the buck,  let the little fawn and her mother enjoy my harvest, and while some may be a bit trampled, there are still plenty of flowers blooming all around in my gardens.  I will finish my propping, get my morning coffee and go sit in my rocker on the porch to watch for whatever may come to enjoy my yard with me. Oh, yes, big dog is fed and is napping happily in the early morning sun beating down on her ever so full belly oblivious to anything and everything, for the moment any way.

Now, where was I?  It had something to do with a title. Oh yes, this is the point in my story when it usually comes to me and this one shall be, “In the Eye of the Beholder.”  YepDSCN6344 - Copy, I like that.


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  1. Wonderful! Absolutely wonderful. A truly great piece of writing. You know you could publish this, right? There’s any number of nature oriented magazines that look for this kind of writing.

    It’s very, very good. I mean I had to slow myself down a bit as I was reading because I couldn’t wait to get to the next sentence! And I love the title!

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    • Thank you so much Paul. You have just made my day. I am delighted with your comments. I am not sure how to go about submitting to a magazine. I submitted poems to the paper because they put out a request. Can you tell me how to find magazines that are looking? Do I submit the story? I’m really new to sharing my work. I have always wrote just for my own pleasure and needs but do like the idea of having my work published. Wow, what a thought!


  2. Sorry to be so long with my reply. I went through my “Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market 2016” and found a few mags that might be of interest to your for the above piece. Here’s the list with their website.

    The Bitter Oleander–
    Flint Hills Review–
    Pilgrimage Magazine–
    Snowy Egret–

    Just visit the website to find out when to submit and all that stuff. The best way to find mags is to use the “Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market” books. The new one (2017) is probably out. You can find these in any bookstore or get it a bit cheaper if you order from Amazon. The trick is to get the newest one. A number of these magazines disappear overnight and some show up! It also has good info in the front on publishing and all that.

    I hope this helps. sorry it took me so long. I might add it was very beneficial to me as well because I found two magazines that I might try as well for a story I’ve just finished. So Thanks! 🙂


    • Thanks so much Paul. You have been a big help. I will look into that right away. I hope those work out for you too. That’s awesome. I actually haven’t been on here much. I’ve been giving singing a try. Maybe soon I can write something about that subject, or not. I have a lot to learn there too. Getting adventurous in my old age. Thank you again and glad I could help too 🙂

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