Whew, I can Breath Again!

Some of you may have read my last post and could possibly be waiting to find out how our open mike event went over. We practiced and practiced, then practiced more. We had it all down. We knew our words, and the music. We were feeling good about the whole thing. Having only sung in front of people one time previously, at our Anniversary Party, we were really quite nervous about doing this. What one should keep in mind about open mike is that no one there is a professional, well, at least most of them aren’t. Some of the performers are really good and some just get by. Most are good but not making a living out of it. All in all though, it’s all about having fun. Are you enjoying what you are doing? Can you perform well enough to do it in public? Is the audience enjoying your performance? To all three of these questions we can say a positive yes. We had a great time. We’ve gotten to know most of the crowd that shows up so they were happy to see us try something. We were applauded and welcomed to come back by the “Boss Man” of the event. The audience listened attentively, in spite of the world series being on (without volume) while we sang and seemed to get a kick out of our performance. Will we go back? Probably. It was fun.It’s all about fun, not fame and fortune. It’s about learning. It’s about meeting and working with other performers and developing new skills. For me, it’s about beating fears and anxiety that have plagued me my entire life. I’m pleased with the result. I’m pleased with our effort and the abilities we are developing. It was a good evening.


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