Daily Prompt: Fish

via Daily Prompt: Fish

What I Know About Fish Would Fit In A Tiny Fish Bowl

Fish…Hmmmm,  to write something I know about fish seems odd but I’m up for this one. First, I am Mom and a Wife. My hobbies are jewelry making, sewing, painting, drawing, gardening, and crafts.I collect antiques and play with my grand kids. I have dogs, have done dog rescue and foster care and trained for fifteen years.  So what I know about fish you could keep in the tiniest of fish bowls. I saw one on the computer several days back. It was beautiful. White all over with a big fan tail and fins that almost appeared to be more like wings. It swam so gracefully through the water giving the impression of an angel. My daughter has fish in a tank and loves them so I sent her the picture. She told me she would love to have one of these but they are a lone fish. They don’t play well with other fish she said so you have to keep them in a bowl by themselves. She added that they look so lonesome and she would feel the need to find it a friend and that would just be a problem for her.

I also know that my dad and brothers fished the salmon derby every year in Port Angeles and one year my brother caught a big enough salmon to win a bicycle and get his picture in the paper with the rest of the kids that won prizes.

Dad would take us to Lake Leland or Lake Mills to fish. Sometimes we would camp. It was a lot of fun and I know we were fishing for trout which was one of my most favorite fish to have for dinner especially if we cooked it over the campfire. If we took them home, mom would cook cornbread and a pot of beans and maybe some fried potatoes to go with the fish. That was a really good dinner. I liked eating the salmon too but, I think because it usually involved the camping, I really liked the trout the best.

About the last thing I can tell you about fish is that Cod makes really good fish and chips. We love to get some fresh Cod, dredge it through the batter (sometimes beer batter) and drop it into the deep fryer. Everyone else like french fries but I like a baked potato with all the trimmings with mine. I also know we can’t get Cod very often but there is a little Bar down the way that serves excellent Fish and Chips and a beer (or something else for those who don’t want a beer) for only eight dollars on Friday nights. Seems like a good deal to me. Now and then we will stop there for dinner after shopping just for the fish. When I don’t have to cook and clean up, yes, that is a good deal.

About the only other thing I can add is I feel that if you aren’t going to use the fish for food, they should be left to the lakes, rivers and oceans. I don’t like sport fishing unless you do the catch and release and then I have to wonder how much trauma is done to the fish and will he survive. The rivers and oceans are being over fished in my opinion and often caught in a manner of which I think is wrong. Limits should be imposed on every one, absolutely every one who fishes and there should be strict enforcement on the number any one fisherman or any group of people as to how many they can catch. This limit should be the same for every person out there that intends to fish.

That pretty much sums up my knowledge, my likes and my dislikes and my opinions about fish and/or fishing. I hope I haven’t bored anyone with this as I am not a Fish Biologist nor do I study Ichthyology. I did catch my share of them on those camping trips though!


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