More Than Just a Stiff Neck

I promised more with this post, the one that was said to be for yesterday but isn’t showing up until possibly tomorrow, however, I don’t know how much more I can fill in tonight. Again its late and I’ve had a very full day. We’ve been working on getting new bank accounts and it seems that isn’t the easiest thing to get done. We froze all of ours several days ago, Monday I think, because my computer had been hacked. The hacker had everything and it really knocked me for a loop. I did get everything shut down before he could get into my bank accounts and get any money but just knowing that he has been here is scary. My dear son-in-law who is a genius when it comes to computers, backed up all  my files and wiped my computer clean, then restored my programs with new virus protection. I can count on him to take care of all my computer, phone, television and so forth problems. He’s wonderful with all that. I did recently find out though that plants are another story. I’ve lost a few here and there while he’s in the learning process but I’m having so much fun watching the joy on his face as he learns about life in the country and what is a plant versus what is weeds, and that if the tractor breaks while he is driving, it isn’t necessarily his fault as tractors have a way of breaking no matter who the driver is, just when a part is worn, it’s worn and unless you catch it before it breaks, well, you aren’t in the hot seat, you just help fix it again. Back to banking, we only got one of our accounts dealt with and our medications picked up from the drugstore before I wore out, the bank having taken almost all afternoon. I wear out easily these days since I had the neck surgery I mentioned in previous posts. That happened on May 5 and went incredibly well. My neurosurgeon I think I may have posted before is the best the West Coast has to offer. He did his job well.  A week after returning home from the hospital, I fell during the night. I must have stepped wrong but managed to get my husbands attention and he got me back to bed. Now if I’d only stayed there. Instead, I arose again, went in the bathroom and for some reason, whether I passed out or just what, I fell against a small stool, a potted plant and a large wardrobe which, next time I saw it it still sat crocked from me falling against it. I was lucky it didn’t fall on me. It has since been moved from the bathroom, however, the next time I saw it was a week later because I ended up in an ambulance and back at the hospital. Not only was I in bad, really bad, shape from the fall, I was worried I’d done something to my new surgery. I didn’t. After x-rays the Dr assured me all the screws were right where he put hem. I was really banged up though and even weaker after the fall than I had been after the surgery. I spent another week in the hospital. Now, May was not a good month for me, as after being home not quite a week again, having had our daughter and our other son-in-law out for lunch, and we were all sitting around talking, her and I about crochet, when I started having chest pain. Actually, I’d been having it quite a while and had quietly gone in, taken some antacid medicine and continued on, but it just got worse and worse when my daughter noticed I was having a problem. She called my other daughter who lives next door, they took my blood pressure, which of course was high, and since I’d had an aspirin that morning they gave me a nitro-tablet. First one didn’t help but the pain went away with the second one. I was fine the rest of the day but promised the girls I’d call the Dr.  Long story short, it was Friday, I called, The Dr wanted to see me. They did an EKG ,which was showing some difference from the last one I had done and back to the hospital we went. Another week full of tests ruling out every thing they could think of and here I am again back home. I’m slow, I still have somewhat of a balance problem, and still have pain from the falls and surgery, which by the way, I had my six-week check up yesterday and all is fine,  but I will be spending another seven weeks in my cervical collar,  I can take it off for a few minutes when I’m just sitting and I’m sure there won’t be anything to make me jump up. My husband says that’s impossible but I think I can manage.  He thinks he was being funny, but I’m not convinced. I got to see my x-rays yesterday and I was shocked. I had no idea the extent of this. I understood they were doing work on C2 to T1 and that was a lot but I didn’t realize exactly what that meant. Now I do. I’ll leave you with those pictures which clearly show the two rows with six screws in each.  I’m still at a loss for words when viewing these.



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