He Could Be on a Bike Ride

Tomorrow, Monday, June 19, the beginning of another possibly long week. A week that for me, at the moment, consists of Monday through Friday as those are the days professional offices are in and open. I wait Monday through Friday to hear some kind of news. If you have been following my posts at all you will know that I still wait to find out whether or not the remains found off the road not far from a small town close to Boulder, Colorado are those of my older brother. I’ve been waiting since  November 2016 to find out. Last week I found out the Labs in Texas  didn’t start processing the DNA samples until May 27th. I guess they process in the order they come in. However, a very nice young lady promised me she would call the bi-weekly now. Our hope is that the lab in Texas will tire of hearing from us and get it done.

Every day I awake with him on my mind. Is he dead? Or is he just off on one of his long get-aways on his bike and will turn up somewhere, sometime. He is seventy-one now and it seems those rides should not be so long. His cabin did burn down though, and who knows, he could have just picked up and moved on settling in another small town somewhere just as he did before.  No one would know him and he would be able to just start over again, no questions, doing odd jobs to survive and get him started. It seems strange to me that he could cut all ties with family, all family. The last time I saw him was December, 1998. I’m his sister for Peat’s sake. How does he not wonder about me. I guess probably he does not wonder about anything anymore. I, in spite of my goings on, believe this body to be him. I don’t want to believe that but I do. But I must wait until I get the DNA results to know for sure. Tomorrow ….


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