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Ruby Was a Redneck Beauty

Those are some of the words to a song by Conway Twitty that my husband is trying to learn to play on his guitar. I’ve heard them many, many, times now. Don’t get me wrong, I like the song too. Matter of fact, I was teasing him because he hadn’t picked a name for the new puppy we are getting and I told him, “We are calling her little red dog because she wears a red collar, so Rubies are red….why not call her Ruby!”

“Can’t you guys just leave me alone? I’ll pick her name when I get ready. First, I want her to open her eyes and I want to see her walk and stuff and how she reacts to things.”

Steve, my husband, has been a little put out at us for bugging him about it because this is his dog. The only other dog we had that was truly his was Blossom. Blossom was a Rottweiler that he worked hard to get by doing ranch work for the breeders. He loved Blossom dearly and he hasn’t wanted another dog since she passed away over twelve years ago. We’ve had dogs but always because I wanted them and I mostly chose their names. He would offer his opinion but the choice was ultimately mine. But then,  we kept our Grandson, Jaden’s, dog ,Lollie, for them for her first two years because they lived in town where they couldn’t have a big dog and we both fell fast in love with her too. There is one thing about that which took us both by surprise which was, on many occasions one or the other of us would call her “Blossom.” She had the same sweetness about her that Blossom had and many of the same mannerisms. It was hard for us to let Lollie go back to live with Jaden but she was his dog, and they were moving into our rental house, which, by the way, is right next door to us. So we can see her anytime we want to. Now how great is that?

That was several years ago. About a year ago my daugher, Em, told us she was getting a puppy. He was a pit bull and so darn cute. Now let’s shorten this story up here. That meant they had Lollie, a girl and Titan, a boy. So when Titan was about nine months old, the family was rushed getting out the door for school one morning, Lollie was in heat, and her crate door didn’t get closed properly. Titan was loose in the house. Need I say anymore about that? …… I didn’t think so.

Ahhh, as you may have guessed, about three weeks ago, Lollie gave birth to a litter of nine puppies, all averaging about one pound each. In the middle of everything she had to be taken to an emergency veterinarian. They refused to do anything without Four Thousand dollars up front. So the kids called every veterinary office in the area until they finally found one that would take her in and not charge an arm and a leg. In the process of all this three puppies were lost. So Lollie was actually carrying a litter of twelve pups.

Oh, back to the short version. Yes, Steve wants a puppy and he wants the one that looks the most like Lollie. We got lucky. There is one little black and white that looks almost just like Lollie, minus the white tip on the tail and now she is ours. Yes, and her name is Ruby.

Titan and Lollie 2 Titan and Lollie


And this,  is Ruby!                 (two weeks, just opened her eyes)




You guessed it…..This is Steve with Little Ruby.  I’d call that a picture of a happy man now wouldn’t you………





Grandkids, How I Love Them!

Checking into my site tonight I noticed I had a draft sitting there that I’m not sure how I forgot to post it. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned Jaden before but if not here’s just one more little funny bit about him.

Our nine-year old grandson was over to  visit yesterday. He’s an awesome child and has always amazed me with the things he does and says. He informed his Grampa and I  that he is planning on letting his hair grow all summer so that by the time school starts again in September he can have his “desired Mohawk.”  Not only did it surprise me that he was planning on a Mohawk, but also, since when did nine-year old’s start desiring  anything? I thought it was all just wants and needs at that age.