He Could Be on a Bike Ride

Tomorrow, Monday, June 19, the beginning of another possibly long week. A week that for me, at the moment, consists of Monday through Friday as those are the days professional offices are in and open. I wait Monday through Friday to hear some kind of news. If you have been following my posts at all you will know that I still wait to find out whether or not the remains found off the road not far from a small town close to Boulder, Colorado are those of my older brother. I’ve been waiting since  November 2016 to find out. Last week I found out the Labs in Texas  didn’t start processing the DNA samples until May 27th. I guess they process in the order they come in. However, a very nice young lady promised me she would call the bi-weekly now. Our hope is that the lab in Texas will tire of hearing from us and get it done.

Every day I awake with him on my mind. Is he dead? Or is he just off on one of his long get-aways on his bike and will turn up somewhere, sometime. He is seventy-one now and it seems those rides should not be so long. His cabin did burn down though, and who knows, he could have just picked up and moved on settling in another small town somewhere just as he did before.  No one would know him and he would be able to just start over again, no questions, doing odd jobs to survive and get him started. It seems strange to me that he could cut all ties with family, all family. The last time I saw him was December, 1998. I’m his sister for Peat’s sake. How does he not wonder about me. I guess probably he does not wonder about anything anymore. I, in spite of my goings on, believe this body to be him. I don’t want to believe that but I do. But I must wait until I get the DNA results to know for sure. Tomorrow ….

More Than Just a Stiff Neck

I promised more with this post, the one that was said to be for yesterday but isn’t showing up until possibly tomorrow, however, I don’t know how much more I can fill in tonight. Again its late and I’ve had a very full day. We’ve been working on getting new bank accounts and it seems that isn’t the easiest thing to get done. We froze all of ours several days ago, Monday I think, because my computer had been hacked. The hacker had everything and it really knocked me for a loop. I did get everything shut down before he could get into my bank accounts and get any money but just knowing that he has been here is scary. My dear son-in-law who is a genius when it comes to computers, backed up all  my files and wiped my computer clean, then restored my programs with new virus protection. I can count on him to take care of all my computer, phone, television and so forth problems. He’s wonderful with all that. I did recently find out though that plants are another story. I’ve lost a few here and there while he’s in the learning process but I’m having so much fun watching the joy on his face as he learns about life in the country and what is a plant versus what is weeds, and that if the tractor breaks while he is driving, it isn’t necessarily his fault as tractors have a way of breaking no matter who the driver is, just when a part is worn, it’s worn and unless you catch it before it breaks, well, you aren’t in the hot seat, you just help fix it again. Back to banking, we only got one of our accounts dealt with and our medications picked up from the drugstore before I wore out, the bank having taken almost all afternoon. I wear out easily these days since I had the neck surgery I mentioned in previous posts. That happened on May 5 and went incredibly well. My neurosurgeon I think I may have posted before is the best the West Coast has to offer. He did his job well.  A week after returning home from the hospital, I fell during the night. I must have stepped wrong but managed to get my husbands attention and he got me back to bed. Now if I’d only stayed there. Instead, I arose again, went in the bathroom and for some reason, whether I passed out or just what, I fell against a small stool, a potted plant and a large wardrobe which, next time I saw it it still sat crocked from me falling against it. I was lucky it didn’t fall on me. It has since been moved from the bathroom, however, the next time I saw it was a week later because I ended up in an ambulance and back at the hospital. Not only was I in bad, really bad, shape from the fall, I was worried I’d done something to my new surgery. I didn’t. After x-rays the Dr assured me all the screws were right where he put hem. I was really banged up though and even weaker after the fall than I had been after the surgery. I spent another week in the hospital. Now, May was not a good month for me, as after being home not quite a week again, having had our daughter and our other son-in-law out for lunch, and we were all sitting around talking, her and I about crochet, when I started having chest pain. Actually, I’d been having it quite a while and had quietly gone in, taken some antacid medicine and continued on, but it just got worse and worse when my daughter noticed I was having a problem. She called my other daughter who lives next door, they took my blood pressure, which of course was high, and since I’d had an aspirin that morning they gave me a nitro-tablet. First one didn’t help but the pain went away with the second one. I was fine the rest of the day but promised the girls I’d call the Dr.  Long story short, it was Friday, I called, The Dr wanted to see me. They did an EKG ,which was showing some difference from the last one I had done and back to the hospital we went. Another week full of tests ruling out every thing they could think of and here I am again back home. I’m slow, I still have somewhat of a balance problem, and still have pain from the falls and surgery, which by the way, I had my six-week check up yesterday and all is fine,  but I will be spending another seven weeks in my cervical collar,  I can take it off for a few minutes when I’m just sitting and I’m sure there won’t be anything to make me jump up. My husband says that’s impossible but I think I can manage.  He thinks he was being funny, but I’m not convinced. I got to see my x-rays yesterday and I was shocked. I had no idea the extent of this. I understood they were doing work on C2 to T1 and that was a lot but I didn’t realize exactly what that meant. Now I do. I’ll leave you with those pictures which clearly show the two rows with six screws in each.  I’m still at a loss for words when viewing these.


Daily, Well maybe…

When I first started writing my blog it was because I had figured I wrote everyday anyway so why not share some of it with others. I thought I had things others would be interested in and maybe sometimes I might even help some one with something through my words and insight. So off I went on my journey down the “Daily” blog road and at the first turn hit a wall. It was that word. DAILY. DAILY. All of a sudden there was nothing to write about DAILY. What? It was easy before I committed to it. Now, suddenly, my life was boring, my mind was blank and I felt like a fool. How could this happen. My career as a blogger was done. I no longer could write any thing let alone something someone else might be interested in. I put away my thoughts of  becoming awe inspiring through my wisdom with words. A week went by. I was bored. A friend called. The pen by the phone seemed to navigate to my fingers as we talked. I scribbled, I drew trees, then buildings then mountains as we carried on our conversation and made plans for lunch the following day. I hung up the phone and went back to my computer. I thought anyone who can conquer mountains while planning lunch can surly write a blog. I began writing and the words came easily. They didn’t come out in a blog daily but I felt if I just left that word out of the equation I’d do just fine. So folks daily I’m not but I hope when I add something new to my pages you will get something out of what I write. Of late, I have written nothing again. When I follow up this post, you’ll understand. but for now, it’s late, I’m tired and I’m headed for bed because you see, its my blog, I can finish anytime I want, write as much or as little as I want and get back to you on my time frame. So any of you others out there that feel intimidated by that little word, daily, or feel you are obligated to anyone but yourself when doing your blog, relax. Just relax, enjoy your writing and it will come to you. Have a wordless day? They will flow like a river tomorrow. I’ll say good night now and I hope you all will return tomorrow. My silence has had many pages.


Positive.  Positive outlook. Positive attitude. Positive is something that anyone who knows me would swear on the bible that I am. Everyone who knows me knows that I believe almost anything can be dealt with if you bring a positive attitude into the equation right from the start. Most see me as a happy person, with goals, with spirit, and a loving, generous, soul that would do anything for anyone. I pretty much see myself that way too.
Lately though, the challenges have been plenty. I have shared many of those challenges here in my writing. Well, to be honest I have actually, opened myself up and let everything out.  I was pretty overwhelmed with everything that was going on at first. I’m still a bit dazed by much of it but I decided the only thing I can do is put one foot in front of the other every step of the way with a smile and a positive attitude and know that I am doing the best that can be expected of me and by me. In the end I will know I faced it all with courage. I won’t have let any of those who look up to me down by giving in to the negative thoughts that can take hold if you let them and most of all I won’t have let myself down. I know that getting through what is still yet to come I will need that courage and the positive attitude. If I were telling one of my children how to do this I’d be saying, “You’ve got to have gumption.” Yep, it all can be summed up in one word. Gumption. Me…of course I’ve got it. Always have and always will.

A Little Less Zip Please

via Daily Prompt: Zip

In the springtime of yesteryear

many a day would zip right by

nearly everything was ecstatically good

I felt but for a pair of wings I could lift myself and  fly

Now and again one of those days would come

when everything was boring and slow, plainly just a drag

I’d be thinking to myself  this is  so extremely  dumb

how’d my life go from tremendous and cool to undeniably bad

But now that fall has come into my life

the day zips by before I’ve barely slipped from beneath my covers

it’s fair to say I’ve had a change of heart

and now I’m wishing for more  slow, boring days like those others

I no longer dream of being the best

achieving everything as great and before my brothers

and the things that used to be a drag

are now favorites amongst my druthers

Life As I Live It

A brief recap for those unaware of the situations in my life at the moment. I just posted, “Waiting” Waiting…and to read that post will answer any question you might have. I’ll try to do the thing about connecting this post to that one but I’m not sure I have any idea as to how to do it.

However, part of the wait is over. I got a call from the Neurosurgeon’s office today and I finally have a date.  I’m happy, although still very apprehensive, to say the surgery is scheduled for May 5. The surgery will be to put screws in four of the vertebra in my neck. Numbers  two, three, four, and five are quite severely effected, pinching my spine, irritating, rubbing and deteriorating  the sheath which should be surrounding it but is severely compromised at this time.   This has been going on for evidently a long period of time but despite my complaints to Dr’s along the way no effort has really been made to correct the situation. Actually, I knew I had degenerative disk disease but had no idea this was taking place in my neck and in my lower back. That will require another surgery down the road. I also had no idea that at some time in my life I had fractured my low back. I have had pain for as long as I can remember so guessing when that might have happened would be useless.  Add arthritis to what I have just explained and you have a pretty good picture of what has been going on.  Oh, no, wait, …I don’t believe I ever mentioned the fact that I also have Fibromyalgia.

I was going on with things doing most of my usual activities the best I could do them until I fell out in my yard late last September.  Who knew, what I thought to be a simple “Ooops, that was clumsy of me,” fall down pretty much on my face, and then up again without too much effort, would turn into the months of agony that I have gone through. Then, about a month later, I turned around while vacuuming to retrieve some cord, lost my balance and fell again. Just another “Oops,” but this one did require my husbands help in getting up. It was after this that my doctor decided things needed to be looked into. Two falls in a months time didn’t set well with him. Tests were begun and over the next couple of months I took two more falls. This was not a usual thing for me. At this time besides the surgery I have orders for an x-ray on my shoulder and my elbow due to the last fall at which time I also jarred something in my vision causing double and triple vision. I had to get new glasses with a prism in them to try to pull my sight back to normal. Now, like I was saying, simple falls, nothing to be alarmed about, or so I thought. I am now using a cane and sometimes a walker. I’m not allowed to do any vacuuming, reaching, lifting or walking in my yard. I don’t drive partly due to taking medications and partly because I don’t trust myself to be fully capable and aware.

I am not old. Never thought of myself as old and did fairly good at taking care of most things in my life including gardening, walking, playing with my dogs and grandkids, and doing all the household chores. Now, I can do very little.

I guess this is where I say to you, one reason for this detailed post on these injuries, is don’t ignore these kind of things if they start happening in your life as you move gracefully into your later years. Also, if you have a physician that does not take these complaints seriously, find a new one.

I honestly believed everyone had pain, lived with pain, dealt with it and that I was just being a whiner until today, when a friend told me she didn’t have any pain to deal with. I said, “You must have something, somewhere.” She replied with a definite , NO. That is really a concept  I find hard to believe.

Not as briefly as I had figured on, that is my update on life in general around here for me. Hopefully, by Monday, I will get an answer on the DNA results. I don’t know how I’m going to handle that one if it is a positive match. All I can do at this point is continued prayer and prepare for my upcoming procedure. One good note on this is that all my girls will be here for this.  I am thankful for that.


Note:  Well, how about that. Adding the “link” up above in my post worked. I guess you can learn something new everyday if you just give it a try.

Daily Prompt


The Clock Ticks Loudly But The Hands Aren’t Moving

(cont. from 2-16-2017)


It has been nineteen years since we’ve seen him but the tears unexpectedly came swiftly as Detective Marc said those words. It felt like only yesterday that he sat on my couch looking out the window as we spoke of trivial matters. I still don’t know if my tears were  because if this “body” is him,  he’ll never sit there again, we’ll never talk again ,trivial matters or otherwise, or if they are partially caused because I hadn’t let myself fully understand the depth of  the report from my Doctor, until today, which began with words like spinal cord, surgery,  immediately, and every other statement that  followed  spoke of “severe,” such as severe impingement and sever deterioration. Since getting the MRI report back and since Detective Marc called, my head has been in a fog. Nothing is making sense and I’m feeling totally nauseous.   It’s as if time is standing still while the old clock on the mantel is yelling profanities at me with every strike.

Privacy…the state of being free from…

Privacy.  Let’s see here, Google my friend, what do you say about privacy?  Ah yes, “the  state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.” says,” The state of being apart from other people or concealed from their view; solitude, seclusion…the state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion or disturbance in one’s private life or affairs; freedom to be let alone.

However, neither of these definitions included, “unless you have children or pets.” If either of those are a part of your life, you generally have no clue to the meaning of that word, at least, not for many a year.

It began with the dog, you know. He was your dog. Only  three months old but totally bonded to you. You had picked him out of a group of rescues that were up for adoption. He was one of many tiny puppies from a puppy mill and had barely made it out alive. The rescue group came just in time. You adored him and he you. He stayed by your side for everything and you didn’t mind it at all. In fact, you thought it was wonderful.

Recently though you found someone else you adored and invited him over for dinner.  You and your friend were looking forward to a quiet evening on the couch watching movies. You made popcorn, sat down, started the movie and just as the opening scene came on, so did Rover.  Up,on the couch and in between the two of you. If your new friend looked at you or made a motion towards you, the dog gave that look that says, “Just try it.”  Rover just won the key to your private space and he is never going to give it back. You and your friend get through it, everything goes well, friend  becomes your Partner and in doing so  accepts that you, Rover and he  will be a threesome from here on out. Now, “here on out” quickly moves onto, yes, marriage and a baby. Yep, baby. Privacy  is starting to sound like a foreign language at this point. You and Partner often have laughed and questioned if the two of you would ever have any. Meanwhile,  Rover is hot on your heals as you go to get the crying baby from the crib that you just put him in sound asleep. Partner had popped the popcorn, and the opening scene was just beginning, with you, Rover, and Partner all in your respective spots (that’s with Rover in the middle you know) and as soon as your rear end hits the couch the wailing begins again. You bounce, you feed, you cuddle and sing but to no avail. The movie team just became a foursome. Baby on your lap, Rover in the middle, and the popcorn somewhere out of your reach.

Time goes on, the foursome together through it all. Rover whines at the bathroom door, sits by the tub as you take a bath, comes in from outside onto your lap to wipe his dirty feet on your apron and then smiles at you just before he runs to wake the now two-year old from the nap you just put him down for. The rest of the afternoon, Rover on one side, baby hanging on to your strings, you vacuum, dust, do laundry, all the days activities, including those few and far between bathroom breaks when Rover whines and Jr wiggles his fingers under the door saying, “Mommie,  mommie,”

You’ve given up the evening movie and try to work in a bit of news but you aren’t sure whether the police caught the bad guy, the bad guy ran off with the nun, the corner store is having a once in a lifetime sale on police clothing or the nuns are collecting donations for the inmates. All you know is that all those people were somewhere, somehow, involved in that broadcast  but so was Rover and Jr. who both needed a drink of water, a cookie, potty, and had an argument between the two of them about who got the nine by seven piece of baby blanket that had not been shredded through play and use in the two years they both claimed ownership of it.

The years go on and as it always has the privacy you looked for once Rover and Jr were tucked into bed each night escaped you because like clock work the minute you wrapped your arms around each other upon your sliding into bed, you felt the slithering of a little body up through the blankets right between you and heard the whisper of, “I’m cold, can I sleep with you?” as your feet became a pillow for the faithful Rover claiming his spot on the bed. Jr got old enough to handle the night by himself but  Rover took a liking to your feet and never left your bed.

You and partner grew used to the foursome, forgot about privacy, and learned the joys of the togetherness as a family through thick and thin, sickness and health, vacation, school, work, until the word made a comeback during Jr’s “teenage years.” Now the whole world revolved around “privacy.” Can’t I have a little privacy? I’m on my phone, I’m getting dressed, we’re studying, why do you need to know where I’m going, they are just friends, gee what about a little privacy.” You hear it all and wonder where this word came from. It certainly wasn’t one that stirred any remembrance of such a thing. Why, even Rover, knew nothing of what this strange word was about and Rover knew Jr like he knew every hair on his tail, which by the way, had begun to wag rather slowly these days. Rover, still stayed by your side, night time, day time, bath time and yes still even at toilet time. It had gotten to the point you had to stay by his too, especially at toilet time. Privacy wasn’t an issue between the two of you and Partner who welcomed Rover in the middle every chance he got.

Jr had just had his eighteenth birthday and had asked to have a party  just for he and his friends. Would you and Dad let us just have some privacy to play music, dance and have a good time in the basement room and you guys not be in and out like you always were. “We aren’t doing anything, we just want privacy,” he said.  Saddened but understanding, you let him have it.  Even Rover was banned from the festivities, which he had always been a part of, usually getting more than his fair share of attention because of his cute antics that Jr had taught him to do so well over the years.   You and partner and Rover  retired to the couch upstairs to watch a movie and eat popcorn and occasionally listen for the sounds of the party downstairs. It seemed to be going well.

Now, it was two days later, Jr was in his room  on his telephone with a friend, Rover laid on his blanket underneath your chair at the table while you busied yourself preparing dinner. Partner would be home in about fifteen minutes. Dinner just had to be set on the table. This was a good time to take Rover out for his walk. You got your jacket and turned saying, “Come Rover, let’s go boy. Rover?”   Rover didn’t budge. You stood frozen for a moment then rushed to his side. Nothing, no breath, no breathing, nothing. You gathered him in your arms as you sat on the floor. You yelled for Jr. who, although coming to answer your call, responded with, “Geeze mom, can’t you leave a guy alone for a minute? I said I needed some ……his words trailed off into silence.  Partner walked in the back door and they both stopped suddenly, seeing you on floor with Rover in your arms. Partner helped you up. Jr took your other arm trying to help you lift Rover as you rose. Partner supported your shaking body to the couch and helped you sit, still with Rover in your arms.

“Mom, what can I do? How can I help? Mom?”

Partner, took Jr by the elbow, tears in both their eyes, and guided him out of the room. The room with the couch where you had sat with Rover in the middle, almost every night for the past twenty years.

As they left you heard Partner whisper softly, ” There is nothing we can do now Jr., except  give mom and Rover a little,  privacy.”